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The Devil’s Chimney: Ireland’s Highest Waterfall in Sligo

Sruth in Aghaidh an Aird, affectionately known as The Devil’s Chimney, stands as Ireland’s tallest waterfall. Nestled within the rugged beauty of the Dartry Mountains, this natural wonder straddles the border between County Sligo and County Leitrim. Let’s delve into the enchanting tale of this mesmerizing cascade.

The Phenomenon

The Irish name, Sruth in Aghaidh An Aird, translates to “stream against the height.” When conditions align, this waterfall comes alive, defying gravity and captivating all who witness it. Here are some key points about this remarkable phenomenon:

  1. Location: The Devil’s Chimney lies in the Glencar valley, mere minutes away from its more famous neighbor, the Glencar waterfall. Accessible from Sligo Town, Rosses Point, Strandhill, and Mullaghmore, it’s a short drive to this natural spectacle.
  2. Weather-Dependent: The Devil’s Chimney reveals itself selectively. During extended dry spells, it remains dormant. However, after heavy rainfall, it transforms into a breathtaking sight, water cascading down the cliff face.
  3. The Loop Walk: Embark on the unique Devil’s Chimney walk—a circular trail that offers resting spots and panoramic viewpoints. Covering approximately 1.2 kilometers (about 0.75 miles), the loop takes around 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Sturdy footwear is essential, as the trail can be slippery.

The Devil’s Height

At nearly 150 meters (490 feet), the Devil’s Chimney proudly claims the title of Ireland’s tallest waterfall. Its Irish name, Sruth in Aghaidh An Aird, perfectly captures its essence—water streaming defiantly against the height. When wet and winds blow from the south, the waterfall dances upward and over the cliff, earning its evocative moniker.

Your Visit

Here’s what you need to know for an unforgettable visit:

  • Duration: Allocate at least an hour to soak in the views (hopefully not literally). The trail combines steep sections with ample viewpoints for catching your breath.
  • Parking: While parking space near Sruth in Aghaidh An Aird is limited (room for 5–8 cars), arriving early ensures a spot.

So, whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a curious traveler, or simply seeking awe-inspiring beauty, venture to the Devil’s Chimney—a testament to Ireland’s wild and mystical landscapes.

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