Disneyland California Adventure

Disneyland California

This stop on our visit to the west coast of America, was a no-brainer for us. As soon as the general area was mentioned, I started planning the entire trip around our time in Disneyland California! Disneyland California is without a doubt, one of the most amazing places on the planet.

The park in California (Anaheim) has something very special about it as it is the original instalment in the world-wide phenomenon. The magic that you see in movies, comes to life in front of your eyes as soon as you enter the park. It truly is an incredible place for both children and BIG children!! I will be honest though, when we initially started planning the trip, I worried as to whether it would suit a couple with no kids. I had nothing to worry about that’s for sure.

There is also the extra draw card in Anaheim of having a second theme park to visit in the same vicinity. California Adventures is located directly opposite Disneyland and there is an option to purchase tickets that allow you freely enter both parks during your stay. We opted for this ticket choice and were glad we did…I will explain the perks of this later when I touch on queuing for popular rides.

Accommodation Near Disneyland

We decided to stay in a hotel a short walk away from the parks. Firstly, we found this a much cheaper option in comparison to the official Disney hotels. Although the latter were much closer to the parks they were also more expensive. This may be worth looking into as an option though if you are visiting with young children.

For us, the Marriott Hotel Anaheim was perfect. It was about a 15 minute walk from the theme parks, clean and comfortable and had a Starbucks located on the ground floor…perfect fuel to get us set up for a busy day in the parks! The hotel also had an inviting bar in the lobby area – the perfect finish to a day park hopping. On our return each night from Disneyland, we treated ourselves to a couple of cocktails with our feet up, as we relived our favourite rides and worked out our plan of attack for the following day.

A Day At Disneyland

The best tip I think for a day at the theme parks is to start early. The gates opened at 9am so we made sure we were in the queue before this time (yes, there were major queues forming before the opening time of the gates!). As soon as you enter into the general area of the park, you really start to become immersed in the magical atmosphere. From Mickey Mouse ears and princess dresses to people ‘Disney bounding’ – (a more subtle way to pay homage to ones favourite Disney character) – you feel like you have entered the enchanted castle before you are even on the grounds of the park.

When you get through the gates, you will receive a park map. My advice would be to have done some research beforehand and suss out the areas of the park you are most interested in – you can easily become swept up in the crowd and ushered along someone else’s path if you don’t have a clear plan in mind.

It is also a good idea to take note of the times for the shows you wish to see and plan your break times around these. Not only are the shows incredible but they are also an opportunity for you to rest your feet and even have a little snack without having to waste precious park time. Depending on the show, you may have to get there early to nab a good seat so bear this in mind to avoid disappointment.

Planning Round Disney

And I know I underestimated the size of the park, so plan your movements wisely to ensure you are in the correct area of the park for the shows you want to catch. There is no need to be crossing from one side of the park to the other if you have done your research and at busier times of the year (and indeed most times of the year are busy here!), it may take a lot longer to get from one point to another than you anticipate.

Second Day At Disney

On our second day at Disneyland we were much smarter in terms of our plan of attack. We had circled the rides that had a fast-track ticket option and ordered them in terms of our preferences. Although you may have to wait a couple of hours for you allocated time to take the ride, it means you don’t have to wait in that particular queue and are guaranteed your time slot later in the day. Even though you can only hold one fast-track ticket at a time, it means you can visit other rides during this time. As we had tickets to both Disneyland and California Adventures, we took full advantage of the fat-track options in each and although we had to leave one park to get to the other, it was worth the effort to skip those crazy lines for the most popular rides.

To finish off a dream day in this magical land, there are a few things you must see:
• The parade that goes through main street

• Sleeping Beauty Castle lit after dark

• The light show projected on the building of It’s a Small World (this may have been just a Christmas special)

• The fireworks!!! (As we were there in December, it even snowed after the fireworks)

Our Favourite Spots

There really is something for everyone at Disneyland, from toddlers to adults. Toon Town was such an adorable area of the park for those little Disney lovers. It perfectly caters to the needs of littlies and had very age-appropriate attractions and rides in this area. My favourite part of Toon Town was definitely the cute Buggy parking bays at the entrance!

For kids a little older, a visit through the arches of Cinderella’s castle will take them to a place where they can be transformed into screen-worthy princes and princesses – a dream come true for any little Disney fan. In this area (Fantasyland), there were rides perfect for kiddies without the heart-stopping factor of some other areas of the park.
For more mature kids (like us!), we couldn’t go past Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones and Space Mountain. When we visited the park, Space Mountain was certainly the most in-demand ride so I would advise grabbing a fast-pass ticket for this as soon as you arrive if you want to try it. You can relax for the rest of the day then knowing you won’t miss out on that experience without wasting precious time in a huge queue.

Food Options At Disneyland

There are several casual eating options in the parks themselves. Be aware though if you are a fussier eater like me, that many of those options are not terribly healthy. There are fast-food outlets where you can sit and dine-in as well as food stands dotted around the park selling fried and sweet snacks to nibble as you go. There are also cafes with sandwich options and baked goods if that is more what you are looking for. I found that taking snacks such as muesli bars and rice cakes meant we didn’t have to buy food in the parks the whole day (it can be a bit expensive) and it almost meant we didn’t waste precious time stopping to eat and could have our snacks while in the queue for a ride or watching a show.

Just outside the gates of the park there is a little shopping and restaurant precinct. This had many different food options from casual dining to more expensive restaurants. We ate in one of the outdoor bar/restaurants one evening while visiting Anaheim. It was a lovely alternative for our meal that evening without having to venture too far from the parks. As the days can be quite long at Disneyland and draining due to the crowds, this was a nice break and the perfect way to refuel and recoup before we returned for the night time shows and fireworks.

What To Wear / Bring

As much as you might want to be totally fashion conscious for the sake of your photos, comfort is definitely the key when planning your wardrobe for this trip.

Runners or shoes you know are up for the challenge of an entire days trekking are a must, and comfy trousers/shorts depending on the time of year you visit of course (I wouldn’t recommend a skirt or short dress – think about some of those crazy rides!).

A back-pack is another must for a day at the parks. There is nothing worse than worrying about minding a handbag as well as the fact that a back-pack will hold so many more bits and pieces and can easily be carried about on your back keeping your hands free to take those all important photos!

Handy things to have in your back-pack:
• Snacks and a refillable water bottle
• Hand wipes
• Tissues (some of those rides can make you emotional lol)
• Ponchos (even if the weather is good, there are some water rides – this is a cheaper option than buying branded ponchos in the park)

And Finally

There is so much more I could write about our amazing experience at Disneyland and California Adventures but I think I have rattled on long enough.

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And for now that’s it thanks for stopping by and reading Disneyland California post

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  1. jackcollier7 – The Village. England – Intelligent, highly educated, sophisticated, sensual, urbane and cultured. An English Gentleman with a penchant for fast cars, sexual women, and the better things in life.

    I know Anaheim very well, but I’ve never been to Dysneyland. How strange is that?

    1. Chalk and Cheese Travels – We are adventure seekers who love to explore the world. So one day, we decided to write about it here is our story so far

      really thats mad. But it is a lovely place also, we loved disneyland though we would definetly reccommend

  2. Lannie Travels – Isle of Islay – Full time aid-worker, part time food and travel blogger. Love experiencing the world through its food culture! Happily fueled by coffee, great food, and whisky.

    I know Disneyland very well, since I went to school in Southern California! I don’t often consider Disney parks when I travel, but maybe I should. I spy a post on HK Disney that I think I’ll have to read soon!

  3. Carpe Diem Eire – Hi I'm John. Together with my wife Beata we travel part time through Ireland and Europe whenever the opportunity allows it. My travels focus on road trips and city breaks. I have an avid interest in history and culture. My travel style is a high energy one, as I strive to make the most of my free time. So Carpe Diem in other words. Join me on my travels.

    While I’m not a fan of theme parks or particularly of Disney, it would be hard to be in town and not tick this off the list. Plus I’ve never visited a Disney park. I do wonder too if I’m not too old for it.

    1. Chalk and Cheese Travels – We are adventure seekers who love to explore the world. So one day, we decided to write about it here is our story so far

      Never to old for for disney we did it before the kids came along 🙌

  4. thewanderingkellers

    We love Disneyland and especially California adventure. That park is like the best of Epcot and Hollywood studios with a little extra. Cant wait to get back and stay at the grand californian.

  5. kasiawrites – Kasiawrites Cultural Travel Blog is about adventure, exploration and discovery with a focus on responsible travel. An exciting way of learning about the world as well as self-reflection and personal freedom. A place for curious travellers, looking for new experiences, discovering new things and learning something new along the way.

    As a rollercoaster enthusiast, I would most likely enjoy this visit 😀

  6. Ida

    Do you know, I’ve never been to Disneyland! Part of me wonders if I’m too old for it now and part of me thinks you’re never too old 😉

  7. thethoroughtripper

    The greatest day I ever had a Disneyland was the time we got stuck inside the Peter Pan ride due to an electrical issue. It was first thing in the morning and they gave us front of the line passes for the rest of the day. I would highly recommend getting stuck inside the Peter Pan ride whenever you can 🙂

  8. Wendy | Perthtravelers – I'm a wife and mother of two daughters with a passion for travel and new adventures.

    I’m such a planner and always have a plan of attack. Although Disney World was crazy busy and not sure any plan would have made a difference.

    1. Chalk and Cheese Travels – We are adventure seekers who love to explore the world. So one day, we decided to write about it here is our story so far

      Have to have a plan ✔thats what the wife tells me anyway 🤣

    2. Vinn – Cyprus – Vinn has been living and working in the middle east for more than 10 years. She started traveling since 2007 mostly in Southeast Asian countries, middle east regions, Greece and Cyprus. Currently in Cyprus for another round of adventures! Catch her at VinnEnRoute!

      It’s so fun in disneyland. Though I’ve only been in HK, as soon as I enter I felt like a 7-year old again. And yes we start early and queuing for meet and greet with mickey, till the parade and fireworks!

    3. Cool post. I lived less than 30km away from Disneyland for a few months but never made it. In my defence, I did visit Eurodisney, though, haha… the parade and Toon Town look like a lot of fun. I think I’d probably spend most of my time on the rides. 🙂

      1. Chalk and Cheese Travels – We are adventure seekers who love to explore the world. So one day, we decided to write about it here is our story so far

        The rides are certainly the main draw we loved all of them 😀

    4. Retirestyle Travel – Our blog, Retirestyle Travel, has travel inspiration & information for older travellers thinking about becoming snowbirds or retiring abroad.

      We loved the old amusement park feel here, but I think they have improved it so its got more of the current rides and technology, which is even better.

      1. Chalk and Cheese Travels – We are adventure seekers who love to explore the world. So one day, we decided to write about it here is our story so far

        It certainly is fantastic day out and had a bit for everyone 😀

    5. kayleighzarablogs

      I absolutely loved the Disneyland in California when I visited and would completely agree with you with the food options! I’m a super fussy eater so I found it slightly difficult. A back pack was also my best friend when visiting Disney x

    6. fitlifeandtravel – Shannon is the founder of Fitlifeandtravel and hopes to inspire you everyday to find adventure no matter where you are. Feel alive! Life Maximized!

      Thank you for sharing your experience at Disneyland – as I have never been to this one. And oh, I know of a few ‘Adults’ who are Disney addicted for sure! December looks like a perfect time to visit as well!

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