Natural Bridge, Springbrook Mountain

Continuing our Australia series with one of the most beautiful views in the Gold Coast hinterland the Natural Bridge in Springbrook Mountain

We were so lucky to call the Gold Coast our home for close to 10 years. To have had such beautiful scenery right on our doorstep. With the luscious mountain ranges and dense rainforest Springbrook was always a go to, to find some hidden treasures and to get out and seek an adventure

Natural Bridge

The Natural Bridge is about 40 minutes from Surfers Paradise and is accessed from the Nerang-Murwillumbah Road.

Natural Bridge is a naturally formed rock arch over Cave Creek. It came from a waterfall which cut a cave beneath the waterfall and formed a pothole on top, until the two joined and the creek flowed through the cave, leaving an arch across the front.

The Natural Bridge Fall

The cave itself is home to a colony of glow worms and such nightly tours are operated in which to view them. The vast glow from the worms make this a must see tour.

To get to the cave there is a 1.4 km walking track which is mostly a very manageable walk and takes you along some great views on the way, and alends to a few great photo opportunities.

About 3/4 of the way round is the best shot of the Natural Bridge. Face on is a incredible view of gushing waterfall through the rocks, with the beaming sunlight to light up this incredible view. From here you can proceed through into the cave to see the gushing waterfall at its peak. We couldn’t see the glow worms as we went during the day but they say it is magical.

The Natural Bridge circuit

The final vantage point is at the opening at the top of the fall. Here you can see where this wonder has naturally formed and the sheer volume of water falling into the cave. Creating the perfect Insta worthy photo.

The top of the fall

TIP : Bring a picnic, there are no food or drink vendors here. However there are some lovely picnic areas and benches for you to sit down and soak up the peace and quiet.

You would probably only spend a couple of hours here, but don’t worry as Springbrook has so many other attractions and lookouts to see stay tuned here as we share few more treasures from here in our upcoming blogs.

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37 thoughts on “Natural Bridge, Springbrook Mountain

  1. Some really pretty pictures; I’ve not been up to Queensland for a while now but I have memories of rainforest and waterfalls. Thanks for sharing- although I would like to mention that the ads on this page are pretty overwhelming…

  2. Australia has always been on my list and I’m sure I’ll get there one day. Just have to cure my wife’s fear of spiders first!
    Great post – it all looks and sounds fantastic!

  3. Natural bridge/natural arch was one of our favorite weekend drives, stopping there, then cruising the beautiful roads to the nearest tea and scone place. Love it.

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