Yotel New York

Yotel New York

New York was one of our most anticipated stops and we were excited, we wanted a centrally located and the Yotel seemed a great idea.

the Yotel
Yotel NYC

The Yotel seemed really a funky place, and we wanted to try something different. The reviews were great and we booked away.

Hope this review of the YOTEL New York can help you out.

Hotel Location

New York City is one of the most expensive places to stay, and to find somewhere with a sensible price tag in this bustling city is hard to come by. We wanted to be close enough to Times Square but not sat on its door stop. And with it only being 3 blocks away from it the Yotel was perfect. As for the price well it wasn’t cheap but compared to a lot was relatively good.

The Robot Entrance at The Yotel

Now me being a sucker for gadgets, the Yotel brings modern technology to the forefront, with the great addition. On entering the building and seeing a robotic bag storage system i was sold straight away.

lobby at the yotel new york
The Robotic Bag Holder

We flew in from Australia via LA, and landed in JFK and straight way jumped into a Uber. It took around an hour as the traffic was hectic, and i quote “was hectic” i would certainly recommend Uber as its affordable and also a bit of comfort whilst stuck in the mad New York traffic.

The lobby at the Yotel is well a little different to most hotels. As i mentioned the large robotic bag holder on the right, and to the front is a selection of screens. A little like a airport check in you are asked for personal and card details to confirm your room. And voila there is your key card. Now you head to the lifts and off you are into the hotel. (i like this as you know the hotel is exclusive to hotel guests only as you need this card to get in at all)

Once up the lift and you arrive on your floor you enter a corridor which would best represent a modern version of star wars. You would actually feel as if you are on a space ship. Time is now upon to go to your room.

Rooms at The Yotel

Now let me begin with saying, if your after room to swing a cat then this is not for you. However if you are after quality, futuristic and cleverly thought out room then step inside.

rooms at the yotel New york
A Standard Room

There is everything you need TV, hanging racks, bedside tables, lamps etc. And of course a bed now when you walk in you may look at the bed and wonder how on hell are we going to get in that. Well Yotel has thought this one out brilliantly. The best expands and retracts by remote giving you a little extra space in the day and that much needed space at night. And you would think that such gimmicks would take away from the comfort, but this surely doesn’t i have to say it was one of the most comfy beds i have stayed in at a hotel.

Now, and this is important, if you’re all about privacy or lets say on you and your partner and not at that comfortable stage then the bathroom here is not for you.

However the bathroom itself, i loved the shower was as powerful as i have been in. It has a sink, loo and you have all your soaps, kleenex, hanging space, and there is an iron and ironing board.
But ill get to privacy, the bathroom is all glass and you can see straight in from the bed. And well if you not a fan of listening to your other half having a number 2 then this probably isnt for you, as soundproofing certainly was not considered here.

Room Summary

I probably didn’t do my best to sell this room but all in all i actually loved it, it had all you need. The comfort in the bed, a great shower and all the mod cons, and well lets be honest if you were expecting a big room in New York you would be much mistaken, and also who goes to New York to stay in an admire a room get out and explore.

Facilities at The Yotel

The Yotel also has a fantastic bar, we had many of night caps during our time there from a range of cocktails to some superb craft beers. These is also an adjacent restaurant which, though we never used the reviews from people we spoke to it was great. In the summer months a rooftop bar is also in use again was something we used as we there at christmas.
To rap up all in all we were delighted with the Yotel New York and well we would certainly recommend again.

bar at the Yotel New York
The Bar

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Thanks for reading hope to see you again soon

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  1. How funny, we stayed there during our last visit, too, and also liked the place. Hell’s Kitchen is a fun neighbourhood. We’ll probably stay there again next time around, possibly at the same hotel.


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