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Hong Kong is widely known for its delectable food and abundance of Michelin star restaurants. This being said, you certainly don’t have to break the bank to experience top notch eateries in this city of culinary diversity. As we love to explore everything a new country has to offer in terms of cuisine, we were spoilt for choice in Hong Kong. We had some of the most memorable food and beverage experiences on this trip and I am excited to share some tips and hidden treasures with you in this guide for where to eat in Hong Kong.

Greenhouse Hong Kong Food

Casual Dining

Little Bao

This little gem is a local’s hotspot and a MUST if visiting Hong Kong. A small venue with a modest shop front in the SoHo district, it is without doubt, a quirky restaurant we would highly recommend. We tried a number options on the menu as we returned for a second visit…not something we often do on holidays but this was well worth breaking tradition for! The bao’s themselves are a no-brainer – but the fact that the bao buns are fresh and are made onsite, added a little extra deliciousness! We tried most of the bao options on the menu (over two days!) but the most noteworthy in our opinion were the Szechuan Fried Chicken, Pork Belly and Fish Tempura.

Little Bao hong kong

Everything on the share menu looked like indulgence on a plate but we (eventually) decided on the loaded Truffle Fries and battered crust, Szechuan spice Hot Chicken and were not disappointed. This restaurant also had a trendy drinks list to match the funky and inviting atmosphere. The perfect location for a casual lunch or a trendy dinner with friends.

Little Bao Hong Kong Food

Tip 1: Due to its size and limited seating, be prepared to wait as this is a restaurant in high demand, but worth every second for those mouth-watering eats.

Little Bao Hong Kong menu

Tip 2: Little Bao opens for lunch and dinner every day, but be sure to check opening times on the day you intend to visit as times varies on the weekend.

Greenhouse Hong Kong

Another funky find and perfect for lunch or larger groups of friends, this restaurant offers a Western twist on Asian cuisine. Located in the vibrant Times Square region of the city, Green House offers an energetic and inviting atmosphere matched only by it’s amazing food and beverage options. We opted for some authentic meals but the choice was not an easy one as everything looked delicious. As the quality of ingredients is of the utmost importance at this venue, I think any decision would be a good one.

Tip: This restaurant is tucked away on one of the higher levels in the shopping mall so look up the mall’s directory for its exact location not to miss out.

The Garage Bar

We were lucky enough to have this trendy dinner option on our doorstep as it was located on one of the outdoor balcony areas of our hotel (Cordis Hotel). Home to two converted vintage vans, this venue catered to our casual dining needs. The food van combined Western food truck favourites with traditional Asian flavours while the drink van had an extensive supply of local and international craft beers as well as wines and soft drinks. Nibbling on hand cut chips and burgers made to order, sipping cold beers and chilled wine under the stars, floors above this vibrant city was the perfect finish to a day spent exploring.

Upmarket Restaurants


Located on the same street in SoHo as Little Bao, this restaurant is perfect for a night out with friends or a cosy dinner for two due to its share-style philosophy. This appropriately named venue, knows exactly how to pick, prepare and cook a vast selection of meat cuts to intrigue and satisfy even the fussiest of diners, a chef! We had the most amazing night here browsing their inventive menu, selecting a couple of plates at a time and being amazed by the presentation and flavours presented to us on the arrival of our dishes. Meals such as pate with brioche bread, chicken wings, and croquettes were delectably cooked and irresistibly presented. For a noteworthy meal, this venue is unquestionably one to put on the list.

Top 3 Bar Picks


Known for my cocktail obsession, I was in total heaven in Hong Kong. On an after-dinner wander through the busy streets of the city, we were lucky enough to stumble across this award-winning cocktail bar. Deceiving because of the understated façade, stepping into this venue felt like falling down a rabbit hole into a cocktail wonderland.

The tantalising aromas and intricate presentations that were immediately evident, added to the overall trendy vibe of this hot haunt. With tempting options such as Marshmallow Duo, Lavender Meringue Pie and Off with Their Heads, we were spoilt for choice. And you won’t go wrong with an old favourite either (I can’t go past an Espresso Martini), as we found perfection in the original combinations too. With such an extensive cocktail list, inventive garnishes and clever presentations, it’s no surprise that this bar has been listed in the top 50 in the world more than once!

Quinary Hong Kong

Although there were also very tempting snack options available, our wish list consisted only of beverages so I’m afraid I can’t give any recommendations in that area!

Tip: Take a seat at the bar to fully experience the innovative and complex processes involved in creating these incredible drinks!



If being the first gin-focused bar in Hong Kong isn’t enough of a reason for you to run straight to this bar, then allow me entice you even further. Featured on Asian’s 50 best bars list in 2016, the interesting combinations of flavours and quirky delivery made it an easy decision to include this bar on our list. The KGB cocktail served in a bathtub complete with a rubber ducky, is not only great Instagram material but divine to drink! We sampled a few different gin based cocktails (it would have been rude not to!), as we nibbled on the delicious complimentary chips and were equally impressed with every one!

Tip: Make sure to pay a visit to the toilets here before you leave…hint – it gives a whole new meaning to the word BATH-room!

Angel Share

Think funky, speakeasy whisky bar complete with 1920’s décor and an impeccable whiskey offering, and you are halfway to picturing this amazing venture. After quite some time searching the back streets for the inconspicuous entrance, we eventually enquired with a street vendor and were put on the right track. On level 2 of a very unremarkable building, the concept of a speakeasy bar came to life for us. As the elevator doors opened, we were transported to an era of leather loungers, dim lighting and expertly fermented whiskys.

Angel Share

Although the menu offered over 100 different whiskys, we opted for a couple of cocktails. The names and descriptions of the cocktails alone were like stories passed down for generations and gave the sense of thoroughly considered combinations and well-thought-out presentations. The Mango Walk and Jaffa Old Fashioned certainly reflected this and are among some of the best cocktails we have ever had!

Come by Here if you want to learn about what the Angel Share is?

Tip: This venue is also a restaurant so it could be worth researching the menu and making a night of it.


And Finally

As I sit here thumbing through photographs and reminiscing on some of our all-time favourite bars and restaurants, I struggle not to jump online and book flights straight back to this incredible city!

I really hope this post can be of assistance to anyone planning a trip to Hong Kong or on the lookout for some interesting eats or trendy hangouts. We love sharing our tips and suggestions with you and thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you would like to see what we will be covering next in our Hong Kong series, pop over to our Instagram page for some sneak peeks throughout the week.

But for now that’s all thanks for stopping by and reading.

Richard and Michelle

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Thanks it is a great city 👍 I’m a chef and the food scene there is amazing cant wait to go back one day.
I hear you there the need to travel is huge ca not wait for tbis world to have some normality again.
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In HK we stumbled so many restaurants and its like just popping at a restaurant at any point we are starving. These places you featured are enticing me to dine whenever I get the chance to visit HK again.

Wow, I will definitely be book marking this list for my future travels! I really want to go to HK just to eat and drink ALLLLL the things.

All more upscale than the street side noodle shops I grew to love in Hong Kong. Different budget at that time in my life though. Hope to get back there and try this side of Hong Kong dining 🙂

We haven’t made it to HK yet but your post makes me want to visit even more. The food at the Green House looks and sounds delicious and I’m also fond of Espresso Martinis. Can just see ourselves siting at the bar at the Quinary!

The food is more westernised that I thought it would be. But I guess that’s just the sign of the cosmopolitan nature of the city. While we are on the subject of cocktails I now really want to see that KGB one. Sounds awesome.

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