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Oh the Gold Coast a place we called home for 12 years. a city action packed you could never find yourself bored with.

Commonly known for it’s beautiful sandy beaches and quality long coastline it’s certainly Australia’s number one holiday destination and party hub.

300 days of sunshine a year, and they weren’t kidding, factor 50 and air conditioning become your best friends.

Full of top eateries, adventure and only 40 minutes from the rainforest walks of the Gold Coast Hinterland the Gold Coast has it all.


Situated on Australia’s most travelled coast the east coast lying on the Queensland side of the Queensland and New South Wales border.

Covientally just over an hour north from the the popular relaxed coastal town of Byron Bay and similary the other way an hour from the largest city and Queenslands capital Brisabane.


The original name for this coast was “The South Coast” however name the Gold Coast has been about since the 1950’s and was used in terms to describe what was fast becoming a holiday destination between the area Collongatta (south) and Southport (north). Which in turn lead to the name change in 1958 due to its popularity between businesses and locals alike.

In the early 1960’s high rise building and holiday appartments started to become more apparent and by the 70’s the boom of such buildings really took off.

With its ever growing popularity and with its high demand in 1981 the Gold Coast Airport in the southern region Coolongatta opened allowing a more convenient and easier entry than Brisbane.

Throughout the eighties the city continued to grow momentum and big tourism projects were taking place with the introduction of Sea World, Dreamworld, Movie world, Wet and Wild and White Water World. These acquisitions really put the city of the Gold Coast on the map.

Fast forward to the 21st century and the Gold Coast is a busy, vibrant and an entertainment hub for any holiday maker and traveller.

The Gold Coast name has grown and grown and most notably hosting the 2018 Commonwealth Games bringing and developing an even bigger infrastructure.

Top Attractions

Movie World
Movie World Gold Coast

Top free things to do

Purling brook falls Gold Coast Travel Guide
Purling brook Falls in Springbrook Mountain

Our Choice Restaurants

Food at Bonita Bonita
The food at Bonita Bonita

Top Hotels

pethers rainforest retreat Gold Coast travel guide
Pethers Rainforest Retreat

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