Food From The Locals When Travelling

Why local food?

Right so firstly being a chef myself and because one of my favourite parts of travelling is exploring new foods, trends and flavours. I love finding a local spot because I tend not to eat in hotels and chain restaurant, but to really submerge myself in what food the locals eat. As a result and to be honest it works out a hell of a lot cheaper and certainly more fun.

Examples of our local food

And because of this it has brought me such delights as the Vietnamese soups in Ho Chi Minh city, slow cooked warthog in Zimbabwe, springbok in the kruger and handmade baos in Hong Kong, to just name a few. But believe me I could name a few food items from around the world

One day on a beach in Bali (Jimbaran I believe). I ordered a snapper and there was a boat that had just come in and a man walked past me with the freshest fish going. So I was delighted got to pick my own then, 20 minutes later a feast arrived. The snapper just simply cooked and seasoned, with all traditional Balinese salads and rice. A meal fit for a king, even to this day was one the best meals I had ever had.


What i trying to say is, try things and explore the local foods you will be delighted with what you may find because they are some amazing foods to find out there. And, well we all need to broaden our horizons and be a bit more adventurous.

So tell us what different foods have you tried in different countries? Tell me your best because I would love to know and share some ideas. Therefore can afford to try and learn more cuisines

We will be back very soon to share a few recipe ideas I have picked up from my travels. And because of this there will be some great new recipes for you to try.

That’s it for now hope you all are well and stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Food From The Locals When Travelling”

  1. sleeplessinohioblog – Travel is a MUST for me. I crave for the stamp on my passport, to cross borders, chat with the locals, run in airports to catch a flight, and most of all inhale the culture that surrounds me near or far.

    I am also like you with exploring food where locals eat. So while in the Philippines one year, I had “sisig” cooked by a street vendor and some bbq chicken on a stick. In Hong Kong, I had fish balls dipped in yummy sauce. Gotta be brave and let loose sometimes.

    1. Chalk and Cheese Travels – We are adventure seekers who love to explore the world. So one day, we decided to write about it here is our story so far

      Exactly thanks for commenting it’s good to hear. I cant stand when people go to places and try things. I think Its great to submerge yourself in these cultures.
      I’ll have to look up what sisig is and Hong Kong I do remember having some sort of fish balls to. But now I did try a lot of random stuff in Hong Kong.
      Thanks for stopping by

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