V & A Waterfront , Cape Town

V & A Waterfront, Cape Town

The V & A waterfront is a trendy and upmarket part of Cape Town. Full of shops, bars and top restaurants. It breeds vibrant life into this part of the city with an estimated 24 million visitors each year.

The harbor itself has links to Robben Island tours, Hop On Hop off buses, Table Mountain and the Maritime Museum.

With one of the greatest backdrops of any city in Table Mountain, the waterfront is a picture perfect place for those snaps.

View of Table Mountain from the V & A waterfront
View from the V & A Waterfront over Table Mountain

Food & Drink

As mentioned the waterfront has any amount of restaurants and bars. To my surprise Sushi was extremely high in demand and on a lot of menus. We had the pleasure of trying a fair size plate of it at the Harbour House. (see below)

Sushi at the Harbour House restaurant

The V & A Food Market is another one of the great finds we had. So many food outlets, from a variety of cuisines, Artisan breads, cheeses, biltong and even some delicious vegan treats. We enjoyed when some delicious Hungarian Langos (pictured below). And also sampled some delightful craft beers and our new favouite red wine Pinotage.


Hungarian langos at the V & A Food Markets
Our Langos

It’s History

It was a renewal project that still incorporates much of its historical infrastructure. Named after the Alfred Basin and Victoria Basin.

The V & A Waterfront is a central part of the very beginning of the settlement of the city of Cape Town. In 1654, two years after his arrival in this relatively safe bay at the foot of Table Mountain, Jan van Riebeeck built a small jetty as part of his task to establish a refreshment station at the Cape.

Where to stay

We stayed at the Victoria and Alfred Hotel, very trendy hotel with the unbelieveable views of Table Mountain. The rooms and extremely spacious and clean. The bed was so comfy and if I remember right was huge. Lovely bathroom with bath or shower and again very clean and in great condition.

We had breakfast each day was amazing I would go as far to say one of the best we have ever experienced. There is a buffet style with meats, cheeses, cereals and delicious pastries, but also a menu of cooked breakfast options. I remember opting for a chorizo omelette and it was so good.

All in all was a great choice check them out below

Victoria & Alfred Hotel

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to have a look, there will be plenty more to come. But for now it’s goodbye.

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    9 thoughts on “V & A Waterfront , Cape Town

      1. It is beautiful place just the scenery and views around are amazing if you love wine also some of the best wine districts around. We will be doing some posts on the wine District if Franschhoek next
        Thanks for the comment

    1. So beautiful 👌🏾. I heard Michael Jackson stayed at that same hotel when he visited SA. Not sure how true but it’s one of the most beautiful hotels on the waterfront so you guys travelled in style👌🏾👌🏾

      1. It was some of the freshest sushi I have ever had. And not something I would expect to get in Africa.
        The food hall is a range of multicultural cuisines and drinks with music and a great atmosphere. Ill update the post and link the details of the food hall in there. So you can click through and see

      1. Oh its beautiful and plenty of other dinning options around. Weirdly sushi is huge in Cape Town and very fresh with it all caught locally.
        The Langos was the first time I had had one, would love to try authentic recipe though. These things are always tweeked for the location I suppose.

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