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Victoria Falls Walk

Going on this great walk

We decided to do the walk along the Victoria Falls. Our hotel ilala lodge was only situate down the road, and we were going to walk but we decided to book a tour and guide just because we love to soak up as much info as possible, and locals to the community always know best.

Our guide was linked to the hotel and was so knowledgeable we were delighted we took this option.

Mapping out the falls and track

That map below shows all the vantage points along the walk through Victoria Falls you can stop and see the falls.

Victoria Falls Map

Our favourite points were 1 and 2, this was where the falls are running at its hardest and its the closet you get. To see it is incredible because the speed at which the water is going is both amazing but at the same time scary because its shows incredible force.

Here is the scene from point 1

Don’t miss these points

My other top points were 4,5 and 15 with the later giving great views back across the falls. and 4 and 5 giving a different perspective to the first two. These points also give great vantage points for photos.

The Falls from point 4
Shot from point 4

Our top tip

TOP TIP: The splash back from the falls gives off so much water its like it is constantly raining. We put our phones in ziplock backs to keep them dry but still had the ability to use them. Other than a bit of cash and passport (if you are going to go on the bridge) I wouldn’t bring anything else.

Rain jackets are provided by your tour guide, but obviously if you make your own way there bring a rain jacket.

Victoria Falls Bridge The Border

The Victoria Falls bridge acts as a border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. The views of the bridge are unreal. As I said this is a border and although the bridge itself is considered ‘no-man’s land’, you still need your passport to access it (and no, you don’t get a stamp when you do this unfortunately). But its well worth the view.

Victoria falls bridge
Shot of the Victoria Falls Bridge

Devils Pool, Would You Dare?

Another attraction of the Falls, which unfortunately we didn’t get to try. The Devil’s Pool , a zone of low current and rock barriers, from September to December, is possible to swim in. I wouldn’t say its a safe activity, because there is still some danger due to its location on the edge of the falls and only a few feet away from one of the cascades over the falls. But however this is certainly one thing those adrenaline junkies will be dying to try.

Unfortunately we went in March and the water levels were far to high. I have attached a photo not of us but to show what it is like.

Devil's pool

Tours And Prices

Admission to walk Victoria Falls is $30 USD for adults and $15 USD for kids we. The tour itself was $23 USD or $11.50 USD for kids, and that included pick up and drop off to and from the falls and a guide for the whole group which if I remember rightly was around 20 people. So all up was $55 USD for adults and $26.50 USD for kids. We used Victoria Falls guided tour and they were amazing

Another must Chikopokopo Helicopters

These is a great experience and a must on a Victoria falls trip but a recommendation of our would be a helicopter flight over the falls with Chikopokopo Helicopters it’s one you would never forget.

Lastly a brief history on the falls

Victoria Falls, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the world. Located on the Zimbabwe and Zambia border and is part of the Zambezi river. Its considered to be one of the worlds largest waterfalls being 1708 meters wide. It is roughly twice the height of Niagara Falls.

7 wonders of the world

There are two national parks around the falls, the Mosi-oa-Tubya National Park being on the Zambian side and the Victoria Falls National Park, being on the Zimbabwe side. Both national parks are registered UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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I cannot wait to visit Victoria Falls! I have been to Iguazu and Niagara and feel I need to complete the set. I very much hope that Zimbabwe re-opens to US passports by the time I get there. These photos are amazing, thanks for this guide.

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