Zambezi River Cruise

Zambezi River Cruise @ Sunset

On our first night in Victoria falls after arriving after lunch we wondered what we would do for the evening. We had a chat with our host on what there is to do and they told us about the Zambezi river cruise at sunset, with drinks and nibbles. Cruise, sunset and drinks, now we were sold straight away.

So we booked with the Ra-Ikane River Cruises, because it was recommend to us by our hotel. We were picked up promptly and taking down to the dock, where we boarded this beautiful little boat. We got comfy, we served some drinks we had nibbles given to us and we were ready to head off down the Zambezi.

A Brief History Of The Zambezi River

Zambezi river meaning ‘Great River” is the fourth largest river in Africa, and flows through an amazing six countries, and is an amazing 2700 km long. Only the Nile, Congo and Niger rivers are bigger.

If you want to know a bit more here is a great piece on the river and its history

Back To The Cruise

Now where were we? We set off down the zambezi sipping on my Zambezi beer and Michelle a Gin and if I remember rightly we had like a homemade lemonade to refresh the pallet.

The bar on the Zambezi river cruise
The bar on board
Zimbabwe's finest Zambezi beer Zambezi river cruise
Trying the local beer
Me and the homemade Lemonade aboard the Zambezi river cruise
If I remember it was a homemade lemonade

The views down the Zambezi were incredible, such a vast open space and everything looking so green and beautiful.

A little while in we came across a group of hippos swimming around. This was the first point of our whole Africa trip we saw animals in tbe wild. We were so excited. In the video below you can see them swimming around ducking in and out of the water.

Hippos on the Zambezi river cruise
floating around Hippos

After we saw the hippos we headed back down the Zambezi and pretty much straight away came across a giant crocodile. He was just chilling out on the bank soaking up some sun. This made my day I have seen then in a zoo but never in the wild.

Crocodile on the Zambezi River cruise
Crocodile spotting

We carried on the rest of tbe journey and relaxed with a couple more drinks and then came the sunset. Now I have experienced some sunsets but this was just beautiful. We felt so relaxed after the excitement of the animal spotting to such a tranquil setting it was just perfect end to the cruise.

Sunset Zambezi
Sunset Zambezi
That sun on the water
Sunset Zambezi

The Ra Ikane River Cruise Company

These guys were amazing from start to finish. The guide was amazing and the so knowledgeable. They were accommodating and made time to have a chat and find out a bit about us.

Our choice was the sunset cruise but there is also an option of a breakfast cruise, a lunch cruise and birdwatch cruise.

They were recommended by our hotel Ilala Lodge and was a great recommendation. Here below is a link to there site


All up we paid $84 USD per person for a 2 hour cruise sunset cruise. For all other prices please check this website above.

Hope you enjoyed this and for now that’s all but come back tomorrow because we will be telling you all about our stay at Ilala Lodge Victoria Falls. And now that’s not one to miss because this place is amazing and the closet hotel to the falls. Make sure you come back its not one to miss.

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