Sabi Sands Video Collection

Was going through a few more of my Sabi Sands video collection, and came across these of a few of our game spotting’s from our 3 day safari. Leopard’s, zebras, wild dogs, elephants and Warthogs. So great to see them in the wild and in there own surroundings. And how they can just roam around all day stamping there authority.

Leopards roaming around, they get so close to us it’s amazing and so memorable
Pack of wild dogs which is not normally seen here, and we were lucky enough to see them
Surrounded by elephants just wandering around
Zebras was not until the last day we got to see these
Warthogs roaming around outside our room. Shows how much we were out in the wild

Thanks for taking the time to stopping by and viewing our Sabi Sands video collection hope you all enjoy them as much as we do. I often love going back over them.

Coming up late this week we look at our Johannesburg section of this trip and in particular the Soweto Township, and the full day tour we took which was amazing and very eye opening.

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