Mekong Delta Day Trip

Mekong Delta A Brief History

The Mekong Delta which Is situated in the South of Vietnam, and is a giant maze of rivers, swamps and islands. Boats are the main modes of transport in this region, due to the high number of water ways.

Tours of these waterways are extremely popular in this area with people coming from Ho Chi Minh and Can Tho, the later being in the Delta.

The Mekong Delta is a important fishing area of Vietnam, housing nearly half of Vietnam’s fishing vessels.

The Mekong

Our destination for the afternoon, was the Mekong River Delta.

The region itself is made up of a network of rivers and islands, all of which we got a good sample. First, we were taken across the river on a boat whilst sipping on our complimentary fresh coconuts. The river was wide and obvious signs of the busy nature of the river was prominent.

We arrived on a small island where we were greeted by some local bee keepers and got to sample some of the delicious by-products created from their honey

After a little stop and the delicious refreshments, we carried on through some local village fruit stalls to what resembled a pub or bar. Here we were treated to a show of traditional folk music and were given fruit platters to snack on while we watched.

As you can see in the photos below we met some of the local animals while in this village too!

Candy Factory

Further along this track, we came to a coconut candy factory. Moving through the factory while the workers skilfully focused on their particular element of the production line and we even got to sample the wares before we indulged at the gift shop. This was another interesting element of the trip we hadn’t anticipated and enjoyed it for its authentic flare.

On The Mekong Delta River

A walk through this little village and came to the edge of a river where we were taken upstream on traditional boats while sporting our grass hats. This was an incredible part of the day and a river ride we will never forget.

The casual greetings between the local Vietnamese ladies and the tall bamboo shoots lining the waterways as we floated along, highlighted the authentic scene we could only have imagined.

The Food

Our day came to an end with a delicious meal prepared, cooked and served to us at a restaurant we reached by horse drawn cart.

We had the most amazing spread of Vietnamese cuisine, from whole fresh fish to stir fry vegetable dishes and all the delicious sides and accompaniments we could have thought of.

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