Vinh Trang Temple Vietnam

About The Vinh Trang Temple

Situated in the Mekong delta region of Southern Vietnam the Vinh Trang Temple is a very well known and popular temple in the region. The temple is on a large 2 hectare block and is a very popular destination for people travelling in the Mekong Delta region.

Our Visit to The Vinh Trang Temple

A early morning get up and headed off in the morning, and our first thought was “wow” it looked stunning. This temple was a working temple, and we were lucky enough to arrive when the resident monks were beginning a prayer session.

Respecting cultural practices, such a covering our shoulders and removing shoes before entering the prayer area, we could observe the monks and their fascinating rituals during this session. This was something I had never witnessed in reality before and I really enjoyed the calm environment created within the scared space.

We were given plenty of time at this stop to explore the grounds of the temple and take pictures in the exquisite gardens dotted with incredible towering buddas.

The Vĩnh Tràng temple features three huge Buddha statues. Firstly the standing Buddha represents Amitabha Buddha, who symbolizes ultimate bliss and compassion.

The Laughing Buddha symbolizes happiness and good luck and has become a deity for good fortune around the world.

The reclining Buddha represents Gautama Buddha before he enters parinirvana, the death of one who has attained nirvana during his lifetime and has been released from the painful cycle of samsara, or rebirth.

And Finally

This is a great stop and must see if in this area and worth combing with a Mekong Delta river trip because it is not a long trip but well worth it.

Thanks for stopping by and make sure you come back to see more of our Vietnam stories in the coming days. It was one of our favourite places and we love talking about it.

But for now its goodbye, take care, stay safe and happy travelling.

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