Central Post Office & Notre Dame Cathedral Ho Chi Minh City

Location Of Central Post Office & Notre Dame Cathedral

The Central Post Office & Notre Dame cathedral are centrally located within Ho Chi Minh city district 1 and within touching distance of one an another and because of that are a hotspot for tourists.

Notre Dame Cathedral

This Cathedral is a beautiful piece of French architecture in the middle of Ho Chi Minh city. The Catholic cathedral was constructed entirely from materials imported from France, which explains the authentic feel you get when visiting the incredible structure.

On the day we went, there was a wedding photo shoot happening on the grounds, which was a magical scene to stumble upon and to see.

Notre Dam Cathedral at the sight of the Central post office & notre dame cathedral

Central Post office

In the same vicinity as the cathedral, the Central Post Office stands proud. An amazing structure that was designed by the French architect Alfred Foulhoux beacuse of that his genuine French stamp can still be seen today.

Large arched windows with wooden shutters are a reminder of the 19thcentury era in which this post office was erected.

The marble floors are breathtaking on entry and the antique telephone boxes are a subtle reminder of how important this building would have been in its day, a time before the internet and mobile phones.

Not only is this building beautiful in appearance and of huge historical importance, it is also a functioning post office today! It is the perfect place to send your postcards home and truly participate in the history of this incredible city.

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