Christina Noble Children’s Foundation

Christina Noble Children’s Foundation

The foundation also known as CNCF is a non government organization, which dedicates to serving the worlds oppressed and marginalized children. Formed in 1989 Christina who from a dream she had, during the time of the Vietnam war of Vietnamese children begging for help, decided to visit Vietnam and in 1991 founded the foundation in Ho Chi Minh City and then later in 1997 extended the foundation to Mongolia.

The Orphanage

Something we often like to seek out when in a different country are local orphanages. While in Vietnam, I came across a foundation set up by an Irish lady many years ago, to help children that were destined to live on the streets.

The organisation now consists of an educational element for school aged children and an incredible rehabilitation sector for children physically maimed by the chemical aftermath of the Vietnam warThe school element teaches common educational capabilities that the students may need in their everyday lives as well as life skills to help them once they are beyond school age.

The other area of the foundation works with babies and children suffering physical growth delays or other deformities. The incredible program run here is done so in conjunction with training Irish physiotherapists which means these children have access to treatments that they could never have dreamt of before.

My visit to this orphanage was certainly a difficult one due to the confronting realities of what these little people have been dealt. Having said that, it was also one of my most cherished memories from the entire trip as I had the opportunity to interact with the children and spend the afternoon watching the amazing volunteers go about their daily activities.

Please follow the link to the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation CNCF.

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