Victoria Peak Hong Kong

Victoria Peak Hong Kong History

Victoria Peak is the highest mountain on Hong Kong island at an elevation 552 meters. it was known for being a natural signaling post for incoming boats in the 19th century. A lot of people would go there to get away from the hot humid weather in Hong Kong.

Governor Sir Richard MacDonnell’s summer home (circa 1868) was built there to take advantage of the cooler but humid climes. Soon other wealthy residents followed suit.

Further development of the Peak did not really occur until Alexander Findlay Smith, who had worked for Scotland’s Highland Railway, managed to petition the Governor, Sir John Pope-Hennessy, in 1881 to operate tram routes.

One of them connected the south of Murray Barracks to Victoria Gap on the Peak. The Peak had attracted its prestigious residents since the 19th century.

Our Trip To The Peak

On the day we were going to visit The Victoria Peak it was very overcast.

Due to our limited time in the city, we chose to go along anyway knowing the views would possibly be obstructed by cloud.

We purchased our tickets on the day of our visit at the base of the attraction, so could have easily rescheduled if we had the luxury of more time.

Me at th tram to Victoria peak
On our way up

We took the very steep and exciting vernacular up to the peak. This was a fun way to see the city as we crept our way up the side of the mountain.

On reaching the end of the line, there were shops and cafes to browse through and relax in, while we waited (in vain!) for the clouds to clear.

We had a coffee and sat at a window seat in the café which would be an incredible view over the city on a clear day.

What the Victoria peak should look like
What the view should look like (Courtesy The Guardian)

There was also the option to go out onto the balcony area to see the view and take some amazing photos…we will have to try again on our next trip I think!

Cloudy at the peak
Not the best view but a taste of what you could see on the way up to the peak.

There were lots of fun things to do inside the building at the top of the Peak especially for kids or for a day of low visibility as there were some great photo opportunities and clever props.

Tip For The Victoria Peak Tram

Sit on the right-hand side of the vehicle on the way up and the left on the way down for the best views of the city.

Getting There Our Advice

It can be reached by taking the Peak Tram, by foot or private transfer.

The tram can be easily accessed by foot from the MTR’s Central station meaning a taxi or private transport is not necessary.

Want to know a bit more knowledge or want to book some tickets Click here for website

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