Hong Kong Bars Our top 3

Hong Kong Bars

The Award winning Quinary

Known for our cocktail obsession, we were in total heaven in Hong Kong. In Hong kong, bars are known for quality and that’s where we started.

On an after-dinner walk through the busy streets of the city, we were lucky enough to come across this award-winning cocktail bar Quinary. Deceiving because of the façade, stepping into this venue felt like falling down a rabbit hole into a cocktail wonderland. The amazing aromas and intricate presentations that were immediately evident, added to the overall trendy vibe of this hot haunt.

With tempting options such as Marshmallow Duo, Lavender Meringue Pie and Off with Their Heads, we were spoilt for choice. And you won’t go wrong with an old favourite either (I can’t go past an Espresso Martini), as we found perfection in the original combinations too.

With such an extensive cocktail list, inventive garnishes and clever presentations, it’s no surprise that this bar has been listed in the top 50 in the world more than once!

Hong kong bars our top 3 quinary

Tip: Take a seat at the bar to fully experience the innovative and complex processes involved in creating these incredible drinks!

us enjoying quinary


If being the first gin-focused bar in Hong Kong isn’t enough of a reason for you to run straight to this bar, then allow me entice you even further, our second choice OriGin.

Featured on Asian’s 50 best bars list in 2016, the interesting combinations of flavours and quirky delivery made it an easy decision to include this bar on our list.

The KGB cocktail served in a bathtub complete with a rubber ducky, is not only great Instagram material but divine to drink!

We sampled a few different gin based cocktails (it would have been rude not to!), as we nibbled on the delicious complimentary chips and were equally impressed with every one!

Hong kong bars our top3 and gin time
more gin in hong kong bars

Tip: Make sure to pay a visit to the toilets here before you leave…hint – it gives a whole new meaning to the word BATH-room!

Angle Share

Unfortunately after writing we found out this was no longer open but we wnt ahead with it anyway.

Think funky, speakeasy whisky bar complete with 1920’s décor and an impeccable whiskey offering, and you are halfway to picturing this amazing venture.

After quite some time searching the back streets for the entrance, we eventually enquired with a street vendor and were put on the right track.

On level 2 of a very apartment building, the concept of a speakeasy bar came to life for us. As the elevator doors opened, we were transported to an era of leather loungers, dim lighting and fermented whiskeys.

Angel share coctails hong kong bars

Although the menu offered over 100 different whiskys, we opted for a couple of cocktails. The names and descriptions of the cocktails alone were like stories passed down for generations and gave the sense of carefully considered combinations and clever presentations.

The Mango Walk and Jaffa Old Fashioned certainly reflected this and are among some of the best cocktails we have ever had!

Tip: This venue is also a restaurant so it could be worth researching the menu and making a night of it.

Us at Angel Share

Now thats our top 3 top 3 whats your top Hong Kong bars ?

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  1. Love the “Ori-Gin” play-on word; I’d check out that bar just for that! The cocktails look super cool and delicious, and I hope you had a great time in Hong Kong. 🙂

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