Ladies Market Hong Kong Mongkok

Ladies Market

The Ladies Market Hong Kong is one of the most well known markets in Hong Kong situated in the Mongkok area. Known for it’s amount of products for ladies and a host of general merchandise.

The streets are lined of stalls as far as the eye can see and is a market that not only is there for tourists but is as well used by Hong Kong locals just as much.

ladies marrket hong kong

So If grabbing a bargain or working on your haggling skills is something that tickles your fancy, then these markets are a must.

The ladies market

When Do The Ladies Market Run

Running every day of the week, there tends not to be any main times but as a rule most are open by noon and run until 11pm with some staying open even later.

We found the atmosphere here very different earlier in the day than it was at night and would recommend visiting during both time periods to experience all this market has to offer.

Food @ The Ladies Market

Although not known to be a food destination there are small cafes and stalls running along side with local street foods maybe a pick up to energise you while you shop.

Things like Won Ton Noodles. Some local favourites would be curry fish balls or curried squids. Why not give it a try I find you sometimes always find the tastiest treats in the little stalls.


Located in the Mongkok in the Kowloon region of the city, A mere 2 minute walk from Mongkok MTR station. We were lucky enough to be able wander through these markets on a few different occasions as they were only a street or two from our hotel The Cordis.

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