Hong Kong Park

Hong Kong Park A Brief History

Hong Kong Park covers an unbelievable 8.16 hectares which in the dense and populated city of Hong Kong is quite remarkable.

Opened in May 1991, built on the former garrison site named Victoria Barracks. The Park has preserved a lot of the garrison buildings built between 1842 and 1910.

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Our Journey To Hong Kong Park

Instead of taking the tram to The Peak, we decided to walk from Central station to explore a little more of the city and were glad we did.

As we wandered in the direction of The Peak, we walked through a beautiful garden, Hong Kong Park. This was a beautifully manicured oasis in the middle of a concrete jungle. The gardens had some beautiful lily ponds, a greenhouse, playgrounds, a restaurant and an aviary.

We enjoyed watching the turtles dipping and diving in the water as we meandered along the paths…a perfect way to entertain the kiddies too!

The Aviary @ Hong Kong Park

Hong Kong Park also has an impressive aviary. Named the Edward Youde Aviary after the former Hong Kong Governor between 1982 and 1986.

Its raised walkway allowing you to walk through the tops of the trees giving a impressive and elevated look at the birds and impressive forestry.

The display and the birds themselves are based around a Malesian theme. Malesia being a large area from the Malaya, Great Sundas, Philippines and the Indonesian Islands.

The Aviary is truly beautiful and peaceful and can say we spent ages in there wandering and looking and taking it all in.

Olympic Square @ Hong Kong Park Park

The Olympic Square is also located at Hong Kong Park and is an interesting place to sit for a rest along the walk. It is an elaborate clearing within this Park and even a great spot for a picnic.

With capacity for 880 it holds a number of events from exhibitions, concerts to puppet shows.

Children’s Playground

Now I cant say we tested this out ourselves but it was an impressive size playground. Standing at an impressive 1000 square meters and has six platforms over many levels.

Other Options

There is a conservation corner, which highlights the wild squirrels and dragonflies. There are also a lot of turtles found in the streams and small lakes around the park.

Also situated in the park is a huge clock tower and also the popular central garden, where you will find a cluster of fountains and tree lined promenades.

Activity wise there is a sports center which consists of basketball, volleyball, netball, badminton courts and a separate area for squash courts. Also found here is a fitness center and indoor jogging track.


Admission to the park is free of charge, which makes this place even better. However the sports center are on a pay as you go rates. We will put a link to the site below.

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