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Pethers Rainforest Retreat Mount Tamborine

Pethers Rainforest Retreat

Ever had those dreams as a kid of sleeping in a tree house well now you can, because at Pethers Rainforest Retreat Mount Tamborine far into the mountains of the Gold Coast Hinterland lies one of Australia’s hidden gems.

Set amongst the dense rainforest of the beaten track, Pethers brings style, fun and relaxation all in one.

The 10 appointed tree houses in this secluded retreat designed exclusively for comfort, and luxury all designed the same. With careful planning in positioning, giving you ultimate privacy, peaceful surroundings and tranquility.

Pethers really is a place to unwind and wash away any stress. It is also designed exclusively for adults, it is a child free zone making it a perfect for setting for your romantic getaway.


Located in the beautiful Mount Tamborine and just 5 minute drive off the main strip of North Tamborine down a tight and narrow road, just off by the Geiessman Oval.

The Tree Houses

After a windy short walk through a rainforest path you arrive at your designated tree house, you get a real sense of being out in the wild. I was shocked at the size they looked huge and the excitement really crept in.

( Have to add here I lost all but one photo of Pethers so therefore have had to borrow most) I promise we did go.

pethers rainforest retreat
The tree house

The Room @ Pethers Rainforest Retreat

When you enter the tree house it is all one big room and it is huge, and I mean huge.

Pethers room

The first thing you see is the back and is just one giant floor to ceiling glass. in fact the windows are 5 metres high, looking out onto the rainforest. No curtains, therefore generating so much light during the day and in the morning you wake up to the sun rising.

To the left is a log burning fire, sweeping round to a lounge area and across the way a small kitchenette. Following around the room as you take a step up into the raised area where you find the large and believe me comfortable king size bed. Over o the far right corner is a en suite.

The best part of this room though was to the side of the bed, where a large alcove sticks out with Jacuzzi and its own floor to ceiling window, meaning you can kick back and look out onto the lush rainforest. And of course crack open a bottle of bubbly.

Pethers bath

The final part of the tree house is the stunning balcony which really make you feel like you are in the rainforest. Its a great spot to unwind with a drink or two and in the morning it makes the perfect breakfast spot.

You will often see kangaroos and brush turkeys wandering around the rainforest floor, just going about there day. The sounds of the whip birds and kookaburras give a relaxing pleasant setting.

pethers balcony

The Food @ Pethers

Pethers is known for its great food. Award winning and all locally sourced from Tamborine Montain or within the Scenic Rim you know the food will be top quality.

We never had the opportunity to dine in the restaurant but from friends and online reviews we undoubtable would say the food will be top draw.

The breakfast at Pethers is sensational hand delivered in the mornings in a picnic basket. Featuring local products like jams, pastries, cereals and even handmade made quiches and breads. Served with fresh coffee and teas a great start to the day, to enjoy on the Balcony.

On arrival we were also treated to a bottle of champagne and cheese platter, this was pre arranged, so I wouldn’t expect this all the time. You can choose something on the Pethers site.


Pethers Rainforest Retreat is a perfect getaway to unwind, relax and just enjoy the peace and quiet within the rainforest of Mount Tamborine.

Why not add a Massage or Picnic package to your stay to enhance your stay.

Tie this in with a trip to Witches Falls or Curtis Falls to enhance your stay and see some of the beauty Tamborine has to offer. Or why not try the boutique shops of Eagle Heights.

So thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoyed the post

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I loved tree houses so much when I was a kid and nothing ever changed growing up! It looks like a dreamy holiday to enjoy nature! Would love to have the chance to visit soon. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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