Eagle Heights Mount Tamborine

Eagle Heights

After the scenic drive up the mountain the first port of call on Mount Tamborine is Eagle Heights or known as Gallery Walk

A long street suitably named long road is full of boutique shops, restaurants, wineries, fudge shops, and even a brewery and cheese factory.

Gallery walk map

Shops at Eagle Heights

As mention Eagle Heights is packed full of boutique shops with some great and quirky places to wander and look around.

We have picked our favourites here

German Cuckoo Clock Shop

This is one place we always take people. Now it’s not a place to go with a headache as there are like 200 clocks going off simultaneous.

It has a massive range from small clocks to huge grandfather clocks, with prices from a few hundred to thousands it’s a great place to see and have a wander.

The cucko shop Eagle Heights
The Cuckoo Clock Shop

Tamborine Tea

Tea lovers will love this place, a huge range of teas and accessories locally sourced and of course delicious.

A range of coffees are also available we loved the hazelnut scented one was amazing.

There was lovely english lady named Suzie working there was also fantastic, we only went there 3 times over a 2 year period but she remembered us on all visits and could even tell what we did for work. Customer service like this is hard to come by these days.

Tamborine tea eagle heights
Tamborine Tea

Fudge Heavan

Mostt amazing fudge so many flavours and even have an adult only range with liquer fudge.

Chocolates on Gallery Walk

What can we say chocolate heavan in this tiny little shop.

With plenty of chocolates to choose from including build your own gift boxes and speciality gifware

Castle Glen

Wines, liqueurs and ciders sold inside a castle what more could you ask for. Add to that chemical and preservative free and it’s a great mix

Summit Diecast Cars

Model car fans this is for you. A selection of recent and old model cars. Some very collectable items and an owner who certainly knows his stuff.

If you are into model cars this is a great little spot to wonder round and find yourselves a treat.

Cheese and Beer Factory

Witches Chase cheese factory and the Fortitude Brewery make up an epic venue at the bottom of the street of Eagle Heights.

Witches chase cheese has a selection of homemade cheeses. All available to Taste before you buy.

We always went head over heels for the triple cream brie make sure you try.

Witches chase cheese also does up cheese platter to either takeaway or to have with a drink from the brewery.

Fortitude brewery situated right next to the cheese factory is a working factory with bar for you to try there beers. You can buy drinks individually or the famous paddle where you choose 4 beers in tester size.

Also available is a selection of wines and a full pizza menu to choose from

Put these to venues together and add live music at the weekends it is a great spot to unwind on a weekend.

Breery at eagle heights
The Brewery and Cheese Factory

Places to Eat, Eagle Heights and Surrounding

Mount Tamborine is full of different cuisines to chose from.

We have ate many times at the brewery (they do the best pizzas) but we also have indulged in a few others.

Firstly we love Clancys, a traditional Irish restaurant in North Tamborine. We would go up in winter and have the beef stews and potato skins which are always delicious. And for the wife very homely and bringing back the roots.

Clancys at Eagle Heights
Clancys Irish Restuarant

Secondly would be Spice of life café a tasty and busy café in the heart of North Tamborine. Serving wholesome home cooked food nothing to fancy but tasty food.

A couple of highly regarded restaurants would be Three Little Pigs, Pethers Rainforest Retreat, George’s Paragon seafood and Hickory . We haven’t had the priveldge to try but would love to.

For now that’s it thanks for stopping by don’t forget to leave your comments

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