Australia To Ireland Time To Move

A little update, we are a fair few months behind on this but after a few big decisions, we decided to swap our lavish Australian lifestyle of sun and sea for the West of Ireland. Australia to Ireland is a big move but we are doing it and not looking back.

A decision not easy but one we are certainly looking forward to. A change of scenery and a move closer to home for both of us with our families being in Ireland and England.

What this means now for us

It means a lot easier access to Europe and with that more travel so we couldn’t be more delighted. More places to see, more adventures to go on and a whole new change for us. And of course closer to families.

Coming up soon is a whole host of things to do and see in Ireland and England. And once the Covid19 Pandemic is over the whole of Europe to explore with Barcelona and Dubrovnik first on our list. Closely followed by Rome and I reckon Santorini and well the list could go on and on.

Thanks for stopping by and now Australia to Ireland move will bring exciting times ahead so stay tuned.

Give us your comments below and if you have a few tips on Ireland, England and the rest of Europe we would love to know.

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