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Glencar Waterfall, County Leitrim, Ireland

Glencar Waterfall

Just 10 mins north of Sligo at lies the beautiful Glencar Waterfall, lough, walk and hike. Although so close to Sligo it it’s actually in county Leitrim.

This Leitrim waterfall itself is a large 50 ft waterfall, and has a loop walk where you get right up close to the waterfall and come back down the other side. Visiting the waterfall anytime is great as the flow of water is generally constant, although with that said it really is impressive after rain.

Location Of Glencar Waterfall

Situated about 15 minutes from the center of Sligo. With its rural location driving would be essential, check out the Goggle maps below

Did You Know

Glencar Waterfall was known to be the inspiration behind one of Ireland’s favourite and rightly famous poets, William Butler Yeats. The waterfall itself actually features in his poem the “Stolen Child”.

Our Trip To Glencar Waterfall

Lockdown was over and we decided we had to get out and see something, 4 months stuck in our four walls and adventure was needed. We packed up some swimmers, some refreshments and got ready to set off on a day trip.

After doing some research I came across a must and that was this Leitrim waterfall Glencar Waterfall, the pictures looked great and from our time in Australia we were often on a hunt through rainforests looking for waterfalls.

Off We Go Arriving Glencar Lough

We set off early as we figured we would beat the crowds (and the irish don’t like to get up to early). And about an hour an half drive and my 1 year old son playing wheels on the bus 100 times we arrived at Glencar.

On arrival at Glencar and about only 100 metres or so from the falls car park is a separate stop with these great views over the Glencar Lak the lake shore and all the surrounding beauty of County Sligo.

Glencar lough
Glencar Lough

Enter Glencar Waterfall

The entrance to the Glencar waterfall walk. (please note Glencar is totally free excursion making it an even better place to visit).

First thought was how well maintained and kept the area was. We had brought wellies but there was certainly no need for them.

Glencar waterfall
Glencar Waterfall entrance

After entering the walking track up to the falls you come across this beautiful stream which is where the waterfall runs to. After spending 5 minutes trying to stop my son jump in we finally got a few seconds to stop and admire the stream.

Glencar waterfall stream
The stream from the falls

Past the stream and you then get your first glimpse of the beautiful Glencar Waterfall. We where surprised by the amount of water as it had a bit dry a few days prior. We were pleasantly surprised at how stunning it was.

Glencar Waterfall
Glencar Waterfall

Close up of the falls from hallway up the stairs is one of the best shot of the falls. And like we said previously so good to see so much water. Railings stop you getting up close but your close enough to admire its beauty.

The waterfall
Glencar waterfall

The walk has regular signs with information on the Waterfall

info on Glecar Waterfall
Falls Info

A side view of the fall as we turn up the path to start the Glencar walking track. Not before a pose next to the falls.

The waterfall at glencar
The Falls

The Walk Out

The walk out and loop through the dense forest is lovely and with the crashing noise of the waterfall in the background adding to its beauty.

walk out from the fall
Walking tracks

The second loop which brings you down to where you started at the stream. As you can see it is all very well maintained.

Final loop of track
The stream at glencar
Stream from the falls

Glencar also has a café serving teas, coffees, sandwiches, snacks and drinks. Also a great playground for the kids to play in ideally located in front of the cafe allowing you to keep an eye whilst you recharge.

cafe at Glencar waterfalls
Coffee shop and playground

Glencar Lough Hill Walk

Unfortunately not something we could do due to being with the kids. However we were told the views over Knocknarea, Sligo Bay, the Leitrim Hills and Glencar Lough & Valley are unbelievable.

This 7km wooded walk that takes you from the Lough of Glencar through the side of the second waterfall the devil chimney and through the hills towards Dooneens and either back along the same track or out around by Hudson’s road.

The wooded walk is relatively simple and is classed as a moderate walk .Its estimated to take 2 hours, and as stated goes for 7km, Suitable walking gear is regarded as needed.

The 5 Glens Atlantic Loop

The signs below show the 5 Glens Atlantic loop route.

This loop is a idea developed by local businesses to help promote local tourism. Its aim is to grow economical prospect for the local counties in the North West Region, Leitrim, Sligo, Donegal, Cavan, Fermanagh, Roscommon.

To find out more on this loop check the useful resource below, you may even like to pin it in Google maps

5 Glens Atlantic Loop

Tips For this trip

With it location being so close to Sligo city a favourite café of our would be the ever popular Sweet Beats Cafe. Its a Vegan cafe, but even for non vegans the flavour and quality in the food is second to none. And it’s why they have been nationally recognised as a leading café.

Sweet Beats homemade beans and soup

Another top tip would be with the short nature of the waterfall trip, tapping on a trip to the popular Strandhill beach. Located about 15 minutes outside the city Strandhill is a popular beach destination with tourists and holiday makers. Fine fish and chips shops and any number of restaurants.

Another and similar place would be Rosses Point which is only 20 minutes from Glencar. I

A small town on the peninsula, fantastic scenery, great food and wild landscape.

As always thanks for stopping by, be back soon for some more action.

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What a beautiful waterfall! I love how it falls. (Does that make sense? Who knows…). The walk looks really nice too! Glad you ended it with some food 🙂 🙂

What a gorgeous waterfall and one I’d love to see when I do make it to Ireland! I like how it has a nice paved path and stairs for easy access. Hiking the Glens Atlantic Loop would be fun too!

Exploring waterfall is very refreshing and to some extent therapeautic. Just hearing the sounds of the water can be very calming. That vega cafe is definitely worth a visit!

Looks like a really beautiful spot! I’d love to visit Ireland one day – I’ve only been to Dublin but I want to see the countryside. Those rustic beans on toast look delicious (and I’m not even vegan!)

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