Glencar Waterfall

Glencar Waterfall well worth the staycation

Glencar Waterfall

Just 10 mins north if Sligo at lies tbe beautiful Glencar Waterfall. Although so so close to Sligo it it’s actually in county Leitrim

The waterfall itself is a large 50 ft, and has a loop walk where you get right up close to the waterfall and come back done the other side.

Our Trip To Glencar

On the way in to the Glencar Waterfalls and about only 100 metres or so from the falls car park is a separate stop with these great views over the Glencar Lough.

Glencar lough

The entrance to Glencar. (please note Glencar is totally free excursion making it an even better place to visit)

After entering the walking track up to the falls you come across this beautiful stream which is where the waterfall runs to.

the stream

Past the stream and you then get your first glimpse of the beautiful Glencar Waterfall. We where surprised by the amount of water as it had a bit dry a few days prior.

The waterfall at Glencar Waterfall

Close up of the falls from hallway up the stairs

The waterfall

Some info on the Waterfall

info on Glecar Waterfall

Waterfall from the top of the stairs

The waterfall at glencar

The walk out and loop through the forest

walk out from the fall

The second loop which brings you down to where you started at the stream

The stream at glencar

Glencar also has a café serving teas, coffees, sandwiches, snacks and drinks. Also a great playground for the kids to play in.

cafe at Glencar waterfalls

More signs what to do in the surrounding areas and a little more on the waterfall

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