Top 5 Sunsets From Around The World

Killronan Castle

Top 5 Sunsets

If there is one thing we love on our travels is great sunsets. There is nothing more relaxing than kicking back and watching a beautiful sunset. And to photo a sunset and to have that ultimate picture is amazing. Below is our top 5 from our travels around the world.


This one was taken from the beach at the ever popular fishing village of Jimbaran in Bali, Indonesia.

A great shot and that red sky just enhances it even more and adds a bit of drama.


Sabi Sands

Whilst on Safari we got to jump out of the 4 by 4’s and relax with a beer and watch this sunset out in the middle of the reserve. One of the most unreal and secluded places we could have experienced this only added to how great it was. So relaxing and once in a life time sunsets you could ever imagine.

To be honest this photo doesn’t do it justice at all it really needs to be seen in the moment.

Sabi Sands

Victoria Falls

Whilst in Victoria Falls we enjoyed evening drinks and yet another beautiful one whilst aboard the Ra Ikane sunset cruise. The sun sets behind the waterline with no sound just crashing water and the clinking of glasses, no better way to unwind

The setting sun, brought an evening of calm and we never wanted to get off and would certainly go back.

Victoria Falls

Kilronan Castle

We had a night away at Kilronan Castle in County Roscommon, Ireland. And we went for a pre dinner walk around the lake. A beautiful walk takes you alongside the lake a walk well worth the trip to see this stunning sunset.

One of my favourite photos to date, the shine of the lake is just stunning, which just added to these beautiful grounds.

Kilronan Castle

Gold Coast

The Gold Coast always delivers at sunset with its 300 plus days of sun it’s hard not to make the list

Here we were at the Miami / North Burleigh lookout is one of the best offerings on the east coast of Australia.

The straight look back across the coast for as far as the eye can see is just picture perfect.

Gold Coast

We certainly could never get old of these sunsets and i think no matter where you ae in the world you would just take in the beauty of it.

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  2. The one at Kilronan Castle is sublime. Thanks for sharing your list; I just might make my own list soon!

    1. The kilronan one is my favourite to 👍 you should let us know when you do

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    Those look like the ends to some awesome days!

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    Wonderful shots. Sunsets are a great way to end an active day, with a beverage and special dinner afterwards.

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    1. We are delighted you took inspiration from our post. And what what beautiful photos you have posted there really is something special about a good sunset.
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