West of Ireland Time To Explore

With any thought of getting on a plane at the moment non existent it’s time to discover the beauty of the West of Ireland and the staycation.

We moved to Ireland recently and haven’t had a real chance to get out and explore much, and to really see what’s on offer. Time to pack up the car and see what’s there is to be seen.

They say there is actually a lot of beauty to be found and now all we hope is the weather to back it up, now that’s easier said than done, but we will try our best.

Here is a few pictures from past trips over the last few months

First stop today will be the beach iits been a while since we got to the beach and we head off to the Eniscrone, not far from the towns of Sligo and Ballina.

Over the next month or so we are planning. Achill Island, Cliffs of Moher and some of the best beaches north of Sligo. This will start us off but there is plenty more to do also.

For now its goodbye.

stay tuned for our thoughts on these trips and more to come on the west of Ireland.

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