Staycation Has Been Great

Glencar Waterfall well worth the staycation


Staycation what’s this ?? Stay local they say! We are avid travelers who have travelled around the globe, with a list of countries growing well past 20. We love to get out and see different cultures and different ways of life and we really do immerse ourselves in what these cultures have to offer.

Now with what has been going on in the world we have been restricted to our own country Ireland. So we said to ourselves we are not going to sit around and we started researching, we could never of actually imagined what was already on our doorstep.

You really do take for granted what we have ourselves. We have already seen Waterfalls amazing beaches, forests, Walks, Little villages and our list of things to do is ever growing

Our Plan

Our list of visits have been

  • Glencar Waterfalss
  • Lough Rynn
  • Killala Bay
  • Eniscrone
  • Strandhill
  • Kilronan Castle
  • Strokestown House

We are planning over the coming months to do

  • Cliffs of Moher
  • Fowley’s Falls
  • Achill Island
  • Bunraty Castle
  • Ring Of Kerry

We encourage any traveler out there to really look hard and find something that’s close and get out and see what’s on your doorstep you might be surprised. And also get out and support those local businesses who have struggled through this time.

Check out Airbnb sites for local stays there are some fantastic deals out there and some beautiful places to stay. I was only looking the other day and the cottages available were unreal.

Have you been on staycation locally? Tells us what you have done and maybe we can all pick some tips up.

Here is a few photos from our latest travels

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  1. Glad to see you’re still traveling, even if just domestically at this point. I’ve likewise been doing the same within my hometown, which offers a lot to see and do. It’s true that exploring one’s backyard can be just as enlightening as elsewhere! Can’t wait to read about your future trips soon. 🙂

    1. There is beauty everywhere once you get out and see it. And even something that is just new is exciting.
      Hope you enjoys your local travels
      All the best

  2. Like yourselves, I’m embracing the Irish staycation. Everything has been great. The only thing I miss is some dependable sunshine! We were in Kerry at the beginning of the month and are heading to Donegal on Monday. After that I’m going to aim for maybe one night away per month and try and visit one Dublin museum or gallery per month(as long as Covid holds off of course).
    As you say, there is so much to see and do close to home.

    1. It’s great fun and so much to do. Sounds great what you have done and have planned.
      Happy travels I hope you enjoy

  3. We have been doing the same here in the Pacific Northwest/USA. There is so much to see – a lot of it we probably wouldn’t have tried to explore if we’d been able to go on our planned trips out of the country! Added bonus is appreciating the place you live more and more.

    1. Exactly you dont know what you have until you try it. Keep enjoying the travels and thanks for stopping by and commenting
      Have a great day 👍

  4. Caitlynn Didlick – Hood River, OR – This blog comes from the Pacific Northwest city of Portland, Oregon. I am currently working on my Masters in Chinese Medicine. I have my undergrad in Holistic Nutrition. I created this blog so that I could have an outlet to share my passion for health, food, and self-care with the rest of the world. I hope you enjoy. Peace and Love!
    Caitlynn Didlick says:

    Yay for staycations and seeing the beauty at home! Those are beautiful photos.

  5. Great post! This is certainly the year of the Staycation, love all the photos from the places you’ve explored so far. Being a tourist in your own area can be incredibly rewarding and eye opening!

    1. Definitely never knew what we have on our doorstep. Its great
      Thanks for stopping by

  6. kayrivwriter – USA – Freelance blogger/writer residing in the Quad City area of the US, using my voice to speak out for those who need it and obsessing over the color pink.
    Kayla says:

    I honestly haven’t really traveled very far since COVID hit unfortunately. The farthest I’ve been is to Chicago and that’s only about 3 hours away from where I live. I gotta day I’m kinda jealous that you’re quarantining in Ireland because that’s the number 1 place on my bucket list that I really want to travel too! The pictures you shared are very beautiful, only makes me want to visit even more! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks for your comment.
      Ireland is beautiful we are very lucky. So much to see everywhere its great to get out and about

  7. Vinn – Cyprus – Vinn has been living and working in the middle east for more than 10 years. She started traveling since 2007 mostly in Southeast Asian countries, middle east regions, Greece and Cyprus. Currently in Cyprus for another round of adventures! Catch her at VinnEnRoute!
    Vinn says:

    We are also on a project exploring villages here in Cyprus. It is really fun and we are learning more history and culture. So many local villages to explore. Thanks for sharing your photos!

    1. There is so much on your doorstep you dont realise it’s been great.
      Enjoy your travels

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