Sunset In Bali Picture Of The Day

Today I wind back 10 years to when I was in Bali. And this amazing sunset in Bali on the beach. Which also probably consisted of a nice cocktail or 2.

The sunsets on Kuta beach at night were just amazing and this red sky just made it all tbe better.

Sunset in Bali

I have never done a post on bali before, like I said its was 10 years ago and I know a lot has probably changed there.

My idea was for us to travel there in the next few years and do a comparison post. I do wander how much it has changed in that time.

So for now the Bali info will have to wait. And so will another sunset in Bali

But I must say Bali is a amazing place especially when you get out of the tourist areas. So much to see and do. HERE is a link to the Bali tourist site if you need some info.

For now its goodbye, we have some more photos to look up for tomorrow

Keep the comments coming in, it’s been great interacting with everyone.

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  1. Really nice pics of a place i’ve never been, but would like to visit. Then again, these days I’d like to go anywhere!! Keep up the great writing. Very enjoyable.

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