Mekong Delta River Picture Of The Day

Mekong Delta river in Vietnam is today’s picture of the day.

mekong delta picture

The Mekong Delta river is situated about an hour or so outside Ho Chi Minh City near the city of Can Tho.

It is an amazing river runing through dense rainforest. With beautiful stretches of water like in this photo. But also the Mekong is host to many of floating markets, rice paddies and is a popular route for travel in this area. The area is a hot spot for adventure seekers and travelers.

We were lucky enough to do this trip down the Mekong and got to see some local villages, eat the local food, see how they live, intereact with locals and even visited a local temple.

If you fancy having a look at our Mekong Delta post CLICK HERE we have some great information. If you have any questions please ask we have a great knowledge on this area and surrounding areas.

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