Hong Kong Streets Picture Of The Day

Its monday and we are back with our picture of the day. Today is a shot from the Hong Kong Streets.

Hong Kong streets

Hong Kong was such a beautiful place, one of my favourite things was to just wander around the busy bustling streets of the city.

I loved this photo as it captured the busy street, the high rise buildings and the ever present street sellers.

Hong Kong is full of amazing things to do. With a bustling food scene, countless markets and some amazing tourist attractions it’s a city that has a little of everything. And as a result with that said never a dull moment.

We loved our time in Hong Kong and if you would like to read a little more, we have many posts on our time spent there. CLICK HERE for full list. For Instance Hong Kong Food and Disneyland are featured here.

Do you have any experiences of Hong Kong? or Want to know more?

Dont forget to leave a comment below.

For now its goodbye come back tomorrow for our next installment of picture of the day.

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