New Zealand (The Beginning 2008) Pt 1

Where The Travel Addiction Started New Zealand

When did my travel addiction start?? Well let me tell you!

Back in December 2007 I decided enough was enough, I was fed up of the same old same old. Time to get out I wanted to see the world.

I had watched so much on tv and on the internet about the backpacker packer life down under I thought I wanted that.

I had no ties I was a free man and so there one day I said I’m doing it. Went to work and gave my notice, next step I booked a flight to New Zealand I felt alive for the first time in ages.

The next month went so slow it felt like a life time. The excitement was there couldn’t wait. I was gathering my bits, buying my backpack, my summer clothes, travel kits you name it I was arming up for the trip of a lifetime.

And Off We Go

January 30th 2008. The day was here I was going, I was actually doing this. I headed off to Heathrow, I was on the 1pm Air New Zealand flight to Auckland via Los Angeles.

The flight was on time I gathered my reading material and boarded. It was going to be one long journey we were flying Heathrow to LA, then LA to Auckland and finally Auckland to Christchurch. Did it seem long? I was so excited I enjoyed every minute of it.

30 hours later I had arrived, I couldn’t believe it there I was on the other side of the world.

Now the fun begins, but first of all customs. Now that’s a story for the next part.

Thanks for reading. I am going to be writing this in a few parts, please come back and enjoy the journey

We will speak soon

Stay safe

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