Victoria Falls Aerial Picture Of The Day

Todays picture of the day comes from our favourite Victoria falls Aerial helicopter trip. Just look at those views.

Victoria falls aerial

Victoria Falls is one of the most fascinating wonders of the world. The sheer size of the falls and also the sheer power in which the flows in incredible.

It can be seen in two ways you can take a walk along the falls on the Zimbabwean side stopping off at different vantage points to take photos. Or as in this photo by helicopter, the aerial views of the falls are just spectacular and to be honest the phots do not do it justice.

Even from our hotel we stayed at the spray from the falls was so wild and the sound of the crushing water can be heard all around Vicoria Falls town.

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Thanks for stopping by again, we really are enjoying the picture of the day series. And especially this Victoria falls aerial shot.

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