How to survive a long Haul Flight

Long haul flight survival

If there is one thing we know and that is a long haul flight. After living in Australia for 12 years and with our families in England and Ireland we had done our fair share of flights 9 trips in fact so that’s each way that 18 flights at over 20 hours flying in each journey.

It seems so intimidating thelong distance and the time it takes but really when you get used to it its easy and here we have a few helpful tips to keep you going.

Charging of devices

Always keep your phones, tablets and laptops charged. Try not to use them in airports you don’t want to waste battery and there are always shops to keep you entertained in the airport. If you can buy a power bank so you can charge on flights.

Downloads before you fly long haul

Download games, movies, shows long before you fly. Your long haul flight does come with it’s own entertainment package on the screens but be specific and plan ahead if you know a show you love you could get lost in that and the time will fly.

Sleeping on a long haul

I always bring noise cancelling headphones with me these are great when you want to sleep you don’t need any music or anything going through them but it does take the edge off the background noise of the plane and helps relax you. I also bring an eye mask nothing worse than the person infront of you having there reading light on. With these two simple things it does help give the sense of darkness and peace which is what we all want when sleeping.

Snacks during your long haul flight

Bring snacks muesli bars, crackers etc its always a good way to break up a few minutes. Plus with the plane food not being best there is nothing worse than being Hungary and restless and stuck in your seat.

Wash Kit essentials

Sounds silly but a little kit with flannel, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste. Especially after a sleep there is nothing nicer than feeling refreshed. And also its a great way to waste 10 minutes or so freshening up.

Clothing and what to wear

Now I find this most important, wear comfortable and loose clothing. Flying is no fashion parade you need to be comfortable and able to relax. I go for comfy trackie pants, loose t-shirt and a comfy jumper. Now I think the jumper is important because the planes sometime once there up in the air and air con is going can get cold a nice jumper will keep you nice and cosy.

And Finally

Just enjoy it, its will be over in no time and the reward at the end is a nice holiday, a comfy bed or seeing friends so bare that in mind.

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8 thoughts on “How to survive a long Haul Flight

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more! I’d also add bringing lotion, because it gets REALLY dry inside the cabin, as well as plenty of water (after clearing airport security, of course). It’s been over a year since I last step foot in an airplane, and even if I don’t really like flying, I’ll definitely be cherishing my next ride after the pandemic!

  2. Nice bundle of tips 😅. Downloading a movie before a flight is something that i tend to do also. The sound cancelling headphones might be like gold to you once a baby starts crying somewhere down the aisle… seriously, you’ll love yourself for bringing them along!!

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