New Zealand

New Zealand Arrival Pt 2

Part 1 Recap Leaving For New Zealand

Before we set off on our New Zealand arrival make sure you check out part 1 first link below

So Where were we

Part 2 New Zealand Arrival

Now, to most people 30 hours on a plane doesn’t seem like fun but the sheer excitement of what lied ahead keep me going.

Pulled In At Immigration

I got off the plane my eyes dancing around my head, i wanted to see everything. I flew through baggage then one last port of call immigration. A quick stamp and im off and racing. Until a voice said to me “please would you follow us sir”.

Was I worried? YES, so worried the nerves were unbearable. I hadn’t done anything but still the anxiety was through the roof. I was questioned about my trip, what i planned to do, how i was planning to support myself, what are my ongoing plans and so on.

After over an hour sat answering questions and having my baggage and documents checked, a lady walked in handed me my passport and said “your free to go welcome to New Zealand”‘.

Absolute delight as i skipped through arrivals and burst through the airport doors i was here, let the journey begin.

Lets Get Exploring Christchurch

I jumped in a taxi and headed for Christchurch. I hadn’t booked accommodation, i thought the thrill of not knowing where i was staying would excite me and would be part of the journey. Sat in that taxi that thrill went and all i could think of was where am i staying tonight and damn i need some sleep.

I arrived and was dropped in the center of Christchurch. It was so beautiful, there were trams flowing, there were street performers and the most amazing cathedral (it was such a shame it was so severely damaged in the 2011 earthquake).

Get Me A Hotel

I went into the first hotel i forget now the name, i didn’t care what the price wasi just wanted to sleep i was exhausted. So i checked in got into the room, pulled the curtains, jumped into bed. I lied there for 10 minutes my mind was racing, i wanted to go explore. After another 5 minutes, that was it out the bed, curtains open and got dressed and i just walked around for about 3 hours.

Such a beautiful city, the city center was like a big grid with adjacent roads so you would never lose you way. And some of the most beautiful parks and waterways.

And Finally

I wont go to in-depth on Christchurch as i was off to Queenstown in the morning and my exploring of Christchurch came later on in the trip. i will detail that in a later part.

Later on i got back to the hotel, had dinner and as i said wanted to set off to Queenstown in the morning, as i had a friend there who i was meeting up with. I booked a coach to my disappointment the only time was 7 am, i did it i pulled back the curtains and was asleep in about 2 seconds.

I woke up to the bellowing alarm at 6am, i rose and felt fresh from the rest and the excitement now begins, im off to Queenstown.

Thanks for stopping by, stayed tuned for part 3 on Queenstown.

For now its goodbye and again if you haven’t check out New Zealand Part 1

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