Vietnamese Pho Picture Of The Day

Todays picture of the day comes from our trip from Vietnam. And one of my favourites the dishes in Vietnam the Vietnamese Pho.

Vietnames pho

Being a chef myself I love to explore new foods from different places we go to. And up there at the top of the list is Vietnam. A cuisine that is so fresh and fragrant and flavours that are so tasty and leave you wanting more.

A few of my favourites are Pho (Vietnamese Soup), Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Pancake) and the traditional rice paper rolls. All three use the freshest incredients and a great assortment of fresh herbs to give the dishes that special vibrancy.

Now we have a few posts we have to share with you if you are interested a bit a more below are links to our Vietnam Journey and a recipe to the classic Vietnamese Pancake Banh Xeo. ENJOY!!!

Ho Chi Minh Food Journey

Bahn Xeo Recipe

Also come check out our Vietnam section of our website for all things Vietnam below.

Vietnam Section

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