World Food

World Food

One of my favorite reasons to travel is the love of finding new cuisines. Being a chef myself I love learning and trying new dishes, techniques and flavours. We travel the world and have been on a world food journey for years.

Whether it be a Michelin Star meal in a classy hotel in Hong Kong or on the go off a street food vendor in Ho Chi Minh City there is always something different to try.

Here is a list of some of my favourite dishes by country we have visited

Our List


Banh Xeo a Vietnamese pancake with prawns, bean sprouts and lots of fresh herbs and lettuce. Its a simply done dish but packs fragrance and freshness which it just what Vietnam does and does well.

Popular on the streets and in restaurants its a staple in Vietnam

Hong Kong

Bao Buns – We had a crispy chicken bao bun from a little restaurant called Little Bao succulent and delicious well worth a try if you are in that region. The Bao bun is made from lotus leaf although it originates from the streets of Taiwan is very big in Hong Kong and around the world.

South Africa

Slow cooked Springbok – This was delicious very gamey red meat almost like Venison very lean meaning very good for you.

Bali Indonesia

Nasi goreng – If you been to Bali then well there is a high chance you have had Nasi Goreng. Nasi Goreng meaning (fried rice in Indonesian) is tasty and delicious different in a way that is uses a sweet soy (Kecap Manis) and slightly smokey flavor making it different from something such as a Chinese fried rice.

New York

Deli Pastrami Sandwich – Now this is a big thumbs up pastrami, cheese add a few pickles, salads and mustard between bread and well your in heavan and then followed by food coma as they tend to be huge. Nothing else to say on this one but TRY IT!!!


Beef and well you guessed it Guiness stew – If there two things the Irish do well is beef and of course Guiness add them together and it a match made in heavan.


Sausage and Mash – You cant beat a good pork Sausage pack it full of fresh sage and onions and a onion gravy and it would make me happy as Larry.

I better stop that list there or I will go on all day long we will maybe do another list soon of some the other places we have been to.

Cooking Classes

Another thing we like to do is learn of locals me and my wife always like doing cooking courses whilst we are away. We have done them in Vietnam, Bali and Hong Kong and learnt so much.

I get great enjoyment out of it, its a great way to learn new cuisines, great way to meet locals and also great way to meet other people with similar interests.

I remember Vietnam especially we learnt 3 courses and at the end the 10 of us sat down and ate what we created and chatted over a few bottles of wine, which for us its why we love food as it is to be enjoyed by all and bring everyone together.

Final Advice

I Think it is always good to seek out advice before you go and find out exactly what locals eat and where they eat as I believe the food is tastier and well a hell of a lot cheaper than the hotels etc.

I find TripAdvisor ok but if you can before you go try and get into a local facebook group of that area and see if you can get some tips from them or if you know a friend of a friend from a certain area research in those areas.

Thanks for stopping by and reading World Food Journey. Below is a list of some of our previous foody posts we have done.

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Don’t forget to leave your comments. if you have any tips yourself or any favourite cuisines let us know.

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