Glencar Waterfall Picture Of The Day

Glencar Waterfall picture perfect isn’t it. And it is todays picture of the day. Situated technically in County Leitrim, it is on the County Sligo border and only a short 10 minute drive to Sligo town.

Glencar waterfall in Glencar Lough

Situated in the Glencar Lough, Glencar waterfall stands at an impressive 50 ft tall.

Glencar Lough is a beautiful spot set between hills either side really gives a feel of being out in the wild.

The waterfall has it own walking track of which is only about 10 minutes long. But perfect for seeing the waterfall from different angles.

There is a lovely cafe at the end serving food, beverages and some delicious treats. Even a great kids playground to

We incorporated our Glencar Waterfall trip with a trip to Strandhill beach which is situated only 20 minute drive away.

Fancy reading a bit more on Glencar? We have a link to our full post below.

Glencar Waterfall Post

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