Disneyland California Picture Of The Day

Disneyland California or as we call it the magical kingdom is todays picture of the day.

Disneyland California

Who cant but help smile when you see anything to do with Disney. It’s a magical kingdom which brings joy and happiness to everyone always.

We went nearly 3 years ago now on a trip to California and spent the best 2 days there. And boy did we make the most of those two days.

Disneyland is enjoyed by all we went in early December and was not to busy and we got around pretty easily, we had a double ticket for California Adventures also which was just as fun to.

Fancy reading about our time in Disneyland California check out the link below for our full post.

Disneyland California Post

Even as I write this I’m excited and want to go again. When the kids are a bit older we will be back and again and again.

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