Hong Kong Kowloon Picture Of The Day

Today we have a shot from the streets of Hong Kong in the Kowloon region and this is todays picture of the day.

Hong Kong Kowloon

Hong Kong was one of favourite spots we have ever visited. Always buzzing with people and things to do its non stop for any traveller.

The city of Hong Hong, divided into two sides Kowloon and Hong Kong.

Kowloon side seems to be a bit more of a authentic Chinese feel where as Hong Kong Island is more modernised and newer.

We stayed on the Kowloon side at the CORDIS hotel. We certainly felt there was more going on in this side plenty of people, shopping and markets everywhere. However the whole of Hong Kong is easily accessible with such a great train system the MTR.

It is a well known city for its impressive restaurant and bar seen. Many a Michelin Star restaurants and plenty of top eateries all over the city. You can check out our Hong Kong food and drink posts below


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    1. Its such a great city. We were unfortunate that we were a bit sick when we were there and the weather was shocking the peak we went up and was in the clouds. The food and bar scene was unreal cant wait to go back and experience it properly

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