1940’s Ford Picture Of The Day

Todays picture of the day comes from the beautiful wine District of Franschhoek, just outside Cape Town. And this 1940’s Ford car.

1940's ford picture of the day

This amazing 1940’s ford was Eikehof winery in Franschoek grandads old car he used to use on the winery to harvest the fields. It’s now proudly sits as a focal point at the winery.

The Franschhoek wine District is one of the largest wine Districts in South Africa. It lies about 40 mins outside Cape Town and is hist to many wineries.

The area also hosts it’s own tram tour taking you from winery to winery, which yes as you can imagine sounds a lot of fun. And well also can say was a lot of fun.

Want to know more about the tram tour and also our stay at the amazing Franschhoek Country House check out the links below. This was one of our favourite trips we have done.

Franschoek Wine Tram Tour

Franschhoek Country House

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