Witches Falls Lookout Picture Of The Day

Todays picture of tbe day comes from our trip to Witches Falls lookout. Not of the falls itself but the unbelievable view out over the lush green rainforest and the fabulous Gold Coast Hinterland.

Witches Falls lookout

The Wtches Falls circuit is a moderate circuit in terms of walking a few steep steps but it’s very enjoyable. With some great scenery and dense rainforest. Often you will see Brush Turkeys wondering around and the noise of the birds is always a relaxing and calming sound to listen to.

The circuit is nestled at the back of Tamborine Mountain in the heart of tbe Gold Coast Hinterland.

A beautiful walk, stunning views and of course the huge waterfall at the end well worth a day trip.

Want to hear a bit more about Witches Falls check out the link below about our time wandering around tbe Witches Falls Circuit.

Witches Falls Circuit Post

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