The Best 5 Travel Destinations

The Best 5 Travel Destinations

I’m not going to lie this is a hard one, The Best 5 Travel Destinations how could we manage to rate them when we have travelled to all corners of the globe, seen so many things and done so much. We have a huge variety of destinations and no two one is the same.

We managed to think hard and without further ado here is our top 5 destinations

5. Las Vegas

Although we are not party goers or gamblers we really enjoyed Vegas.

And when you can do a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon what wasn’t to love about this trip. Add to that great shows and the incredible Old Town this was a great getaway it was just a shame we were not there longer.

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4.Hong kong

This was a tough one during this break I had the worst head cold and the weather was so bad it hampered half of our trips. Without that I’d say it would of been first or second.

For me it’s the food and drink capital of Asia a real place to wine and dine with so of the top restaurants and bars around.

Add to this some great Chinese culture, the Peak tram up the Mountain and day trips to Macau on mainland China. You would never be left with nothing to do.

We plan to revisit here in the future I would say after that it will climb higher on our list and maybe could become our number 1 must visit and could top our top 5 travel destinations


3. Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

Absolutely fell in love with this place. The people so friendly and our hotel I have never experienced customer service like it was top class.

The falls themself were absolutely amazing, a once in a lifetime experience we got to see it by helicopter with Chikopokopo Helicopters and couldnt believe our eyes. Sheer beauty at it’s best.

Lush green forest and wildlife roaming around everywhere it was an experience we would never forget.

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2. Sabi Sands Game Reserve

This was tough and such a hard decision not to be number 1.

A safari in South Africa had always been a dream of ours and for our honeymoon it became true.

We have all seen zoos but to see these animals like leopards, lions, rhinos and many more in there own habitat it’s truly amazing. How they command there land and how they act is just unbelievable

Add to that the unique feel of the Sabi Sands which is its own reserve and over 600 km in size is a great spot to enjoy this experience.

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Cue DRUM ROLL…………………………………

1. Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon

We enjoyed this experience so so much we were blown away by the friendliness of the people, the beautiful city and the sites and trips to see and do. And also the food OH the food I like Vietnamese food before I went to Vietnam and after I fell in love with Vietnamese food. Vietnam is a must visit for any foodie.

Cu Chi Tunnels, Mekong delta, the markets, the Bitexco tower are to just name a few things we did when we were there

The Hotel Nikko where we stayed was 5 star luxury at half the price of any other 5 star hotel around the world.

To see the simplicity of the culture and the craziness of city and it all to tie together and it just works beautifully.

I’m not doing it justice here check out our Vietnamese posts below for more and to be blown away.

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Add Vietnam to your bucket list and must visits

Thanks for stopping by hope you enjoyed Our Top 5 Travel Destinations

Don’t forget the comments and please let us know your top 5.

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