New York Tribeca Picture Of The Day

Todays picture of the day comes from one of our favourite trips New York and the Tribeca area of Manhattan.

New York Tribeca

One thing I also think about when I think of New York is the steam from the streets. And to me this says New York city better than anything else. Add to it the busy streets and the high rises and well that’s New York.

Absolutely loved New York and exploring we only had 4 days but we did it all by foot and saw so much. But to be honest so much more still to see.

We were there during christmas which is when New York is at it’s most best. Bright lights and that Christmas feel only New York can give. Its one place when at that time of year everyone has a smile on there face.

But now we wont tell you to much if you want to find out a bit more check out some of our New York posts below.



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