Otago Peninsula Picture Of The Day

Todays picture of the day comes from New Zealand and the Otago peninsula just outside Dunedin on the South Island

Otago Peninsula

This was one of my firat travel photos nearly 12 years ago from my first solo trip away. I decided on New Zealand as it was always somewhere i had watched and always wanted to go to. A country with sheer natural beauty and a travellers dream.

Such a beautiful spot out on the peninsula the vjews were unreal. And even at sunset, you can see the far left part of the beach. That spot there was where you could see the penguins come in for the night.

New Zealand was such a amazing country and one day cant wait to go back and see the comparisons now from when I was there.

As I said this was my first trip solo, if you wish to check out some more on my first trip then check the link below.


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