Roscommon Castle, Roscommon, Ireland

Roscommon Castle

After recently moving to Roscommon, we thought we should get out and explore. Me and my son set of for wander round the new neighborhood. And what we came across was the ruins of the Roscommon Castle.

As soon as I heard of the castle i wanted to visit. I have often loved visiting ruins it’s really a place to let the imagination flow and wander what these sorts of structures where once like when operational.

Set about 2 minute drive from the town centre and with a lovely area for walking and children’s playground we wandered round until we came to the castle.

Best access and parking is just off Castle Street and down Castle Lane.

A Brief History Of The Castle

The Roscommon Castle now in ruins, this large and striking 13th-century Norman castle was once of Hugh O’Connor, the King of Connaught. It features a quadrangular plan with rounded bastions at the corners and a double-towered entrance gate.

The castles 7 Norman structure, built back in 1269 by then Robert de Ufford, on lands which were taken from an Augustinian priory.

The castle was laid to siege by the Connacht King Aodh O’Connor in 1272. Eight years on, and then again in the possession of the English garrison and fully restored. 1340 came around and the O’Connors had regained possession and held it until 1569, to which it then fell to Sir Henry Sidney, who at the time was the Lord Deputy.

Our Visit To The Castle

The Roscommon Castle ruins is free to visit and is its surrounding walking tracks and play areas.

The castle from across the park looks beautiful and as you can see the structure is largely still well visible. Currently a few restoration projects are also ongoing helping to keep this site as well maintained as possible.

Roscommon Castle

The entrance to the castle through the stone arch is grand and very well maintained. A bridge at the front of the castle is not the original but is there for access to all visitors, With easy ramps and railings.

Walkway into Roscommon Castle

Once inside the ruins become more visible and you can really see where it all once stood. The extremely high walls and stunning windows show the formation of the former 3 floored castle.

I do love to sit back and absorb places like this and try to imagine what it once was like when it was operational.

Inside Roscommon castle

The stairwell access still remains but due to the ruins lead to nowhere. They are gated shut due to safety, and the obvious ruins of the site. But these would of been access to the other levels of the castle.

Stairwell at Roscommon Castle

One of my favourite shots from the back of the castle. Luckily I managed to capture the glaring sunlight through the windows and gate. This back gate leads out onto a grassed area which would of once been part of the castles gardens and courtyard.

Roscommon Castle ruins

Another shot, and this time of one of the bastions. This would of been built so to allow defense fire in several directions. Again the obvious signs of ruins and what once was a castle. It’s easy to see here the former castle was over 3 floors with the still present window frames.

Roscommon Castle

The Park

A very well maintained walking track adjacent to the castle and a lake situated perfectly in the centre of the park. Full of ducks, which we now regularly enjoy going to with the kids to feed them. Very friendly and always welcome for some bread if those magpies don’t sweep in to quickly.

Walking tracks around the pond to enjoy and to stretch the legs. There is also a outer walking track for longer walks. Al very well maintained as is the whole area.

Also situated in this park is a good quality well equipped playground. With lots of climbing and adventures for the kids again extremely well maintained and like new.

This place is great way to kill an hour or so in the morning and would be a perfect picnic spot in the summer and somewhere to bring the family to enjoyed a great bit of fresh air.

Local Refreshments

A favourite spot of ours and somewhere we like to pick up a coffee to bring for our walks is Rogue and Co in Roscommon Town Centre.

Only a 5 – 6 minute walk from the castle and situated on the high street in Roscommon is Rogue & Co is a trendy cafe offering great food and beverages.

High recommendations the double smash burger and the haloumi burger, or for early risers the smashed avo on sourdough topped with siracha is always a winner.

Equally as mention, a pre walk stop take away coffees and homemade scones are always a hit.

Note: Due to the pandemic level 5 restrictions are in place in Ireland so restaurants are currently working as take aways only. Please check ahead with the venue itself below

Rogue and Co Cafe Roscommon

Thanks for stopping by its been a pleasure.

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54 thoughts on “Roscommon Castle, Roscommon, Ireland

  1. The ruins look like a fun place to go exploring! And it really is true that it’s the free exhibits that are the sweetest; glad you had fun spending time within your “backyard” of the country!

  2. I love visiting places like this. Can you imagine what it was really like to live there when it was whole, both the good and the bad? It blows my mind.

  3. Love the photos you took! Certainly a good place for walks or spend time. Thanks for the history. I’m wondering how the beautiful the castle’s interior during the glory days!

  4. Absolutely love those castles in Ireland!! We visited Ireland a few years ago and we loved it there!! Canโ€™t wait to go back! Pictures are lovely as well!!

  5. Roscommon Castle ruins still look strong. I bet this castle must be gorgeous when it was alive. I would like to visit this castle someday. Thank you for sharing this information with me.

  6. Wow, itโ€™s actually amazing how well preserved the Roscommon Castle is! Your photos are really stunning! I hope I will be able one day to visit this place! Thanks for this post!

  7. The castle looks like a great place to visit, even better having it right on your doorstep! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I can see that this castle has a wealth of history behind it. The ruins look absolutely beautiful with the water nearby it! Gorgeous captures of the park as well, I think I would thoroughly enjoy a stroll around that property!

  9. I love to sit back and absorb places like this, too. It must have been such a bustling place at one point. If only those crumbling walls could talk.

  10. Making full note of the Rogue and Co cafe. Double smash burger yes please. I havenโ€™t been to Roscommon for a few years and itโ€™s longer since I visited the castle. Iโ€™m going to fix that this year.

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