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Mote Park Roscommon

Mote Park Roscommon

Towards the back end of 2020 we had bought a house just outside the town of Roscommon and during these days of limited travel we decided to explore what was available to us on our doorstep. After some advice we were delighted to find in Roscommon Mote Park.

Being in such a rural destination we knew there would be some hidden gems and the Roscommon Mote Park was certainly one of them


Situated a 5 minute drive from Roscommon town centre and 35 minutes from the town of Athlone.

Travelling to Roscommon, train and bus links are available in the area

A lovely little forest with a couple of walking track options and picnic benches. A great spot to get out with the family and get some fresh air. Plenty of trails and to keep you going and enjoy some peaceful time.

Our trip to Mote Park Roscommon

The Start

On entering a map of all the tracks and trails you can take through Mote Park. A great idea to get a start at where you will head.

There is a couple of short loops and for the more adventurous a few bigger loops, with the biggest being the 11km round trip. All these walks integrating with each, saving you the trouble of getting lost. Unless you go rogue as I had to with my 2 year old a couple times and headed through the dense forest itself.

Mote Park Map

A beautiful long stretch looking straight into the forest is you first view. A well paved walkway which was most surprising and very welcomed. The paved way making much easier access for everyone especially for bringing young children.

The Start

Another pathway through the forest. A beautiful time of the year with the autumn leaves and the crisp fresh air my son was fascinated with the leaves all over the ground. The sun peers through the trees picking up all those beautiful colours.

Forest Floor

The Trails

The first of two trails was the Bluebell walk taking you off to the side and through the dense forest, leading back down the side past fields and looping back to the beginning entrance.

When the bluebells are in bloom it is a joy to be seen a sea of bright bluebells line the forest

The second trail we came across was the Crofton trail again another trail this time off to the other side of the forest and again leading down to the beginning and the entrance of the forest. This trail is slightly longer than the first and slopes down into the forest and certainly a lot more to see

Derrydonnell Wood And The Fairy Garden

North of these trails and you get to Derrydonnell wood a similar tracks to the rest of Mote Park. With picnic benches and great tracks.

The most impressive part is the newly built fairy garden a great place for the kids to wander. A well maintained loop track leading through the forest. See the garden below.

Taking A Break

The forest is perfect for a family outing with as seen below one of many picnic benches along the way and with small tracks behind into the forest the kids would be entertained for a while.

Picnic Benches
Picnic bench by the fairy garden

And Finally

The forest is well maintained and very easily accessible for anyone.

We have done all the trails, but past the Crofton trail the forest went on and on and and it connects up to the 11km walking track loop around this impressive 650 acre forest.

But all in all a perfect spot for a morning walk and get out amongst nature and the crisp fresh air.

Local Tips

Restaurant Tip

All that walking would work up a thirst and set you up nicely for a nice homemade lunch, well look no further than Roscommon’s Rogue & Co.

Situated on the high street in Roscommon Rogue & Co is a trendy cafe offering great food and beverages.

High recommendations the double smash burger and the haloumi burger, or for early risers the smashed avo on sourdough topped with siracha is always a winner.

Equally as a pre walk stop take away coffees and homemade scones are always a hit.

Rogue & Co

Roscommon Guide

Want something else to do in Roscommon well never fear catch our Roscommon Guide with all this town and county has to offer.

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  1. leightontravels – Beijing, China. – Freelance travel blogger from London. Former music & film journalist, interviewer of the stars. Passionate about travel, film, music, football, Indian food.

    Lovely article. Has inspired us to throw on our coats and go for a walk ourselves!

    1. Chalk and Cheese Travels – We are adventure seekers who love to explore the world. So one day, we decided to write about it here is our story so far

      Thank you, its crazy its only a few minutes down the Road and we had never been. We are trying our upmost to enjoy what we have nearby during this lockdown and we are quite surprised 😀

  2. Rebecca – Blogger, world traveler, poet, food lover, part-time penguin. Welcome!

    How lovely! The subtle foliage of the fall season really captures your attention, and I felt as if I was transported into the scenery through your photos. Thanks for sharing this tranquil part of the world!

  3. Carpe Diem Eire – Hi I'm John. Together with my wife Beata we travel part time through Ireland and Europe whenever the opportunity allows it. My travels focus on road trips and city breaks. I have an avid interest in history and culture. My travel style is a high energy one, as I strive to make the most of my free time. So Carpe Diem in other words. Join me on my travels.

    I might just have to wander over here the next time I’m down in Longford. #TravelBlogTuesday.

  4. What a treat to have this beautiful forest so close to you! It can be fun to explore things so close to home that we normally wouldn’t do before. Seeing the sunlight reflect off the leaves and the bluebells would be the highlight!

  5. Lannie Travels – Isle of Islay – Full time aid-worker, part time food and travel blogger. Love experiencing the world through its food culture! Happily fueled by coffee, great food, and whisky.

    As I was reading this, and seeing the first few photos, I was thinking ahhh what an ancient forest. I bet there’s bluebells! And sure enough :). How gorgeous it would be when they’re in bloom!!

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