Tapas And Street Food

Tapas And Street Food

One of my favourite things when travelling is sampling the food. Different cuisines and cultures for me make a trip . One thing i have learnt from it is the art of being able to share and enjoy eating. To get away from the bog standard 3 course meal with your meat and three veg. And sample a tapas and street food style journey. Trying different flavours, combinations and as a table being able to get that excitement of a dish arriving throughout a dinner and being able to explore the meal itself.

Tapas style food sharing is very common obviously in Spanish cuisine but also and more so recently i have observed in Mexican, Japanese, Phillipino, Thai, Korean and Brazilian.

We often do share plate food night dinner parties. Mexican being a family favourite with such dishes as charred corn, Taquintos, Tostadas and Chimichangas. Or Japanese with fresh Sashimi, Karage chicken, Gyoza and Edamame.

The term street food is a term which is widely used now for this style of food and very often seen in markets but becoming more apparent in restaurants around the world.

For me to get stuck in to eat with your hands to get messy and enjoy the meal as apposed to it just being a routine is one thing that excites me about this way of eating.

So what’s your thoughts on Tapas, and street food we would love to know. What’s some dishes you have had on your travels? Leave your answers in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Tapas And Street Food

  1. Tapas are delicious, especially the ones from Spain. I still dream about the pig’s ear, truffled Brie, and tortilla española to this day!

  2. I love the northern Spain take on tapas. Have one pincho (pinxnto) at one place…then another at the next place…just a sip of cider here and a dash of flavor there. It’s a fun way to tour the towns!

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