Sinathakawu Curio Market

I read a post from a hotel we stayed at in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe, The Ilala Lodge. And the wrote about the struggle for the local arts, crafts and curio markets they have nearby through this pandemic. These markets that rely on tourism to stay a float and it’s such a shame the struggle we are going through at this time.

I took the bull by the horns and decided i wanted to include it in our Victoria Falls collection. To be honest i’m not sure why i didnt write about it in the first place. The market we visited was the SINATHAKAWU CURIO MARKET

Sinathakawu Curio Market Victoria Falls


Located a 2 minute walk from the back of the Ilala Lodge and oh so very close to the falls itself. Location exactly on the map below

Our trip

The market showcased plenty of local items from woodwork, clothing, belts, blankets, jewelry and so on.

A market were you can see the work going on we stayed and watched as wooden ornaments and so on where made by the locals bare hands and you could see the attention to detail and effort that goes into them.

We found the market very friendly and were not hassled at any time. Which was prefect and gave us time to wander and have a good look at what was on offer. I hate when people surround you trying to sell something and dont give you time to look, but that definitely wasn’t the case here.

Inside the Curio Market


Perfectly located next to the market was a DHL courier store a perfect location next to the market.

A lot of the fancy woodwork was big and carrying them on a plane would just be a no go so to have this service on there doorstep is just amazing and not to mention convenient.

A must visit on any Victoria Falls trip

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  1. I am hoping to get there as soon as Zimbabwe opens. M leaving for Kenya in one week, working my way through the open countries. Your Africa series is an inspiration!

  2. Love all your posts on Victoria Falls! I don’t feel comfortable travelling just yet but I can’t wait til I get to travel again! πŸ™‚

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