Simple Thai Style Sauce

A run down

Short on time well this simple Thai style sauce i make is as easy and as quick as it can be. We use it a Thai stir fry sauce but even a great base sauce for for many a oriental dish’s. And it really is so simple.

We use a hand blender which has a chopping bowl attachment on it (seen in pictures) but any normal household blender or food processor will be fine.

I always try to make the night before and leave it in the fridge allowing the aromatic flavours of some of these ingredients to infuse Overnight. Its ok to hold for 4 -5 days and we often would do 2 different dishes throughout the week with it.


Top Tip 1: Play around with the spice i use birds eye chilis which are hot and fragrant ( I love the spice) but a long red mild chili maybe be better to start with, if you not to familiar with spice.

Top Tip 2 : The recipe calls for the juice of 1 lime when extracting juice cut lime in half and gentle heat in a bowl in a microwave for 30 seconds. The heat will release the natural juices even more making it easier to extract

So here it is our simple Thai style sauce

The Recipe

Simple Thai sauce recipe
All you need

Serving Size:
Makes 2 stir fry or noodle dishes
5-7 Minutes


  • 1 Red Chili (your choice spice)
  • Ginger
  • Coriander
  • Dried Lemongrass
  • Dried Lime Leaves
  • Garlic
  • Sesame oil
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • 1 tin Coconut milk
  • Peanut Butter


  1. First is to make the paste. In a blender, blend chilli, ginger, coriander, dried lemongrass, dried lime leaves, garlic and sesame. until paste.
  2. Empty tin of coconut milk and peanut butter into blender and blend again.
  3. Add the juice of one lime
Blending the thai sauce
Base ingredients
The Thai paste
Blend ingreients
Thai paste
Add remaining ingredients
Simple Thai sauce
The sauce

And there you have it a simple and quick Thai sauce great as a Thai stir fry sauce or a substitute to a pad Thai sauce.

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9 thoughts on “Simple Thai Style Sauce

  1. I usually avoid Thai sauces/food as it often contains anchovy paste and I’m allergic to fish and shellfish but your recipe sounds ideal. I love Thai food in theory as it’s exactly the kind of food I love but I always just aired on the side of caution because of my allergy. Thanks for this, it’s fab!

  2. We WILL be trying this. Thanks. After rad na and a basil stir-fry tonight, we are ready to further explore this wonderful food from Thailand.

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