Healthy Granola Recipe

Table of contentsWhat Is GranolaOur Favourite BreakfastThe Recipe What Is Granola Granola is a breakfast item consisting of rolled oats normally mixed with a sweetener like say honey or a syrup and normally nuts. This mix is then slowly baked in the oven making it crunchy. And that is where the fun begins as once…… Continue reading Healthy Granola Recipe

Curio Bay New Zealand – Yellow Eyed Penguins

Table of contentsDay Trip To Curio Bay Location Of Curio BayYellow Eye Penguins HistoryOur Trip To Curio BayPorpoise BayCurio Bay DolphinsYellow Eyed Penguin SpottingThe PenguinsAccommodation TipFinal Thought Day Trip To Curio Bay Back in 2008 when we were travelling through New Zealand, over what i can only imagine was a few beers and and a…… Continue reading Curio Bay New Zealand – Yellow Eyed Penguins

Outstanding Blogger Award Nomination

Table of contentsOur NominationOur Questions1: What’s the best accommodation you’ve ever stayed in? Did you have to pay an arm and a leg for it?2: What’s the worst joint you’ve ever stayed in? All the grimy details please.3: Which of your articles holds the most special place in your heart? Why?4: If you could share…… Continue reading Outstanding Blogger Award Nomination

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