Tallebudgera Valley’s Hidden Gem

The Gold Coast Australia, with it’s lively city and lush hinterland with a full list of things to do. It was refreshing to find a spot so secluded from everywhere else to go explore and that was Tallebudgera Valley , and the cream track.

Whilst working out in the Tallebudgera Valley area, I got talking to a local on the street and chatting about this rather quiet but beautiful part of the Gold Coast.

The area is about 30 – 40 minutes out from the Gold Coast center and a way into the country. As you drive into the valley there are only handfuls of scattered traditional “Queenslander” homes, a rural fire brigade and a green. Its one road in and one road out.

The local I got chatting to on the street brought to my attention an area right deep into the the woodland and off the beaten track and seldom visited by anyone but locals. He told us of great watering holes, streams, waterfalls, a hike and a lush rainforest.

Intrigued one sunday morning we decided to pack up the car and check it out.


Driving all the way to the end of the Tallebudgera creek road. about 40 minute drive from Surfers Paradise.

Note: Near the end of the Tallebudgera Creek Road, this area is subject to flooding during the wet season. Also being out in the forest always be sure to check bush fire warning signs especially in summer months November to April. Tallebudgera Valley also does have a rural fire brigade with more info.


Once you get deep into the Tallebudgera road the sense of seclusion becomes real. And as we arrived at the end of the road we did stop to think for a minute that we may have go wrong somewhere. All there was around was a spot to park a few cars, a beautiful stream and a gate which we assumed leaded to the house to the side of it.

Tallebudgera valley

After exploring for a while we looked on behind the gate and caught a glimpse of a track and a sign. Heading through, even still a bit dubious as it seemed part of the house we carried on none the less.

As we followed through the tracks we came out at numerous watering holes and streams. The peace and quiet and just the sound of the Whip Birds and nature tweet away in the background was bliss. It was like this area hadn’t been touched ever.

We continued to walk through the rainforest until a big stream appeared and tracks leading up the right to the path into the trees. Little had we known but we had found, what seemed an overgrown beginning of a hike track.

After a bit of research we found that this was one of the beginnings of the Springbrook to Tallebudgera Cream Track. With the more popular start of the track on the Springbrook mountain side.

The Cream Track History

The cream track was developed by Martin Sheils in 1905. The track was developed so that cans of cream from from Percy Reid farm could come down with Billy Smith an in law of Martin rather than the long trek around Mudgeeraba.

To this day the rack is still used by hikers and walkers alike.

Cream Track Details

Distance: a 5.3km walking track through rainforest and farmland.

The Land: the track goes through Serenity Farm private property and Springbrook National Park meaning a permit is needed to walk this track. Which can be found HERE

Serenity Farm is a working farm with exposed cattle.

Difficulty : The track has steep sections to it and it regarded as challenging and having a partner with you is advised.

Views : Stunning mountainside views of the coast

Must brings : Water, food, good walking shoes and a GPS, as due to the area being very quiet and relatively untouched certain sections and tracks may not be to clear.

And Finally

We were delighted to find such a stunning, peaceful and and untouched place to visit if only if we had the permit we would of gone up on the hike. But Tallebudgera Valley should not be overlooked for those peaceful days.

But, well that can be for another time and can be an excuse to return.

Once you make it to Springbrook you cant go past a visit to Purling Brook Falls or the Natural Bridge

Thanks for checking this out

Stay safe

42 thoughts on “Tallebudgera Valley’s Hidden Gem

  1. This really does look like a hidden gem! I’m so glad you explained the story of the cream track. I was kiiiinda hoping there’d be a magical ice cream truck at the end, but one can dream!

  2. This place looks and sounds beautiful. We’d love to walk around and explore. Great pictures.

  3. Thanks for sharing an interesting find. Tallebudgera Valley sounds intriguing and off beat! Will try to make it there someday. Informative! Saving the rich resource!

  4. What a lovely spot, and one thatโ€™s completely new to me. Iโ€™ve not yet been to Australia, but the Gold Coast looks beautiful.

  5. Looks like you literally found the middle of nowhere. It does exist. I had always thought it was in Leitrim. These kinda places are the best.

  6. This looks absolutely awesome! I last visited Australia far too long ago, and have been really hoping to go back one day. This area has such a peaceful name too, and Springbrook sounds wonderful

  7. Love this places where you can walk for hours without crossing any person. Great for lying on the ground, drinking something and chilling.
    Thanks for sharing such fantastic hidden spot. It seems that bucket-list keep on increasing
    Good work!

  8. Looks like a beautiful place for hiking.Yeah, we have several cool hiking trails that require a permit too. Thanks for sharing this awesome hidden gem with us!

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